Diaper Dude Messenger Camo Diaper Bag for Dads Review

Diaper Dude Messenger Camo Diaper Bag for DadsThere is going to be a time when you need to share the baby with your wife. She will need help from you as the father of the baby even if just for a short time. And you will have to fulfill your role as the head of the house by handling things while your wife happens to be unable to at the time. However, this is not something that you may find easy to do.

Here’s the logic: you will need to take the baby out for a stroll down the playground or somewhere else. To be able to handle what your baby needs, you have to bring your baby’s gears and tools along. What to use to carry these? A diaper bag. Problems may arise from here as the majority of diaper bags on the market are designed with mom in mind. Flowery prints, girlish shape; all these diaper bags can do for you is making you uncomfortable carrying them.

Lucky for you, Diaper Dude Messenger Camo Diaper Bag for Dads is here to tackle this issue. It is designed with a motif close to that of what soldiers wear in the field. The army looks will emphasize the manliness quality you possess without you having to compromise at all. You can still go out with your baby and handle the diaper change trip easily while sporting a cool dad persona.


  • Easy-to-clean, machine washable, polyester material.
  • Army look motif for enhanced manliness.
  • Ergonomic design—cross-body style relieves pain on shoulder.
  • Straps are wide and padded to provide comfort while wearing, equipped with clips for handy carrying.
  • The backside is padded too, for further comfort.
  • Three outer pockets with zipper, suitable for snacks, wipes, or bibs.
  • Straps for stroller attachment.
  • Bottle pocket with elastic material, easy-to-access placement.
  • Main compartment contains zippered pocket.
  • Comes with padded changing mat.
  • Two pockets at the back with elastic material.


  • Bottle pocket isn’t insulated.
  • The size isn’t that big to contain everything. The changing mat, while useful, takes up too much space inside the main compartment.
  • The fabric kind of feels stiff and loud. It feels like cheap nylon to the touch.
  • The fabric might scratch on your skin due to its stiffness.
  • Can’t fit any drinking bottle inside.


As hard as this diaper bag tries to be a go-to item for dads out there, it really has so many issues to begin with. The size is a common complaint about this bag. It is so small that you may need to reconsider things you should bring along on a daddy-baby day out. It may work for a short trip. But if you plan on going out the whole day with your baby, this bag may cause more problems instead of providing you with usefulness.

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