Diaper Dude Green Camo Sling Messenger Diaper Bag Review

Diaper Dude Green Camo Sling Messenger Diaper BagPerhaps, one of the reasons you prefer going out with baby on your own is because your husband keeps forgetting some of the essentials the baby needs at a moment’s notice. You can imagine how annoying it could be when your baby needs its diaper changed but your husband leaves the supply behind at home while you are out at a supermarket or on a playground.

Or maybe, you prefer taking the baby yourself because your husband keeps on complaining about the girlish look of the diaper bag and how it would get everyone talking behind his back. Admittedly, the majorities of diaper bags out there are designed so femininely that when a guy decides to carry it, it would turn many a head and direct all the attentions toward him.

The combination of the two aforementioned factors may lead to the fact that you will be the single party within the four walls of the house who takes care of the baby. That will be exhausting, what with there are chores that need to be done too. So what to do about this? Are you going to force your husband to lift up the baby along with that lovely diaper bag? Are you going to keep it all bottled up until you can no longer hold it together?

This is a simple matter; one that will be easily handled by simply picking out a diaper bag that is masculine in appearance as well as functional at the same time. And Diaper Dude Green Camo Sling Messenger Diaper Bag is the answer you’ve been looking for all this time. It is a diaper bag that doesn’t let people know what it exactly is. By carrying this bag, your husband can still enjoy his time alone with the baby outdoor without losing his chance to stay in his manly, hip style.

The diaper bag is so helpful that your husband won’t forget things and leave anything essential behind anymore. It does this by implementing a built-in checklist within its compartment containing things anyone should never forget to carry. This way, your husband can be a savvy parent while doing his job. 


  • Includes a checklist of stuff printed inside
  • Messenger bag style.
  • A padded sleeve can fit an iPad and pockets for daddy’s other essentials.
  • Comes with stroller straps.
  • Shoulder strap is padded and adjustable.
  • Plenty of outer and inner pockets.
  • Comes with a changing pad, stored in a special pocket.
  • Material on the inside and makes up the changing pad are easy to clean.


  • Doesn’t have insulated compartment.
  • Zipper placement makes it doesn’t open all the way.
  • Not that roomy.
  • The zipper comes off easily.


The bag is indeed masculine and because of that, it is suitable for dads. That being said, the design is neutral enough that a lady can also carry it for a casual go. The checklist comes in handy and padded tablet sleeve can offer relieve for someone who still needs to connect to the net even when they are in babysitting task. The capacity and zipper issue might be a downside but the bag is worth it for a short trip away from home.

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