Damero Travel Backpack Diaper Bag Review

Damero Travel Backpack Diaper BagWouldn’t it be nice if a diaper bag can also function as regular backpack? One would think that a diaper bag can only be used as what it is meant for and that’s all about it. But Damero Travel Backpack is as good a diaper bag as it is a travel backpack.

As such, both moms and dads can wear this bag without having to think about appropriateness. With plenty of rooms and comfort in carrying, Damero surely qualifies as an impressive bag that not only can serve to carry baby supplies but also parent’s things. This flexibility is a rare gem within the world of diaper bag, something which Damero is very well-made for.

You can now go back and forth between being a dad and being a working individual without hassles at all. Carry your work along with your baby with this bag serving as a medium for everything that your baby needs at moment’s notice. Participate in taking care of the baby, take turn in running errands to a store or walking down a park without having to fear of running out of diapers or being unable to feed the baby.

With this bag, you don’t even have to feel awkward because the bag is meant for the dads too to carry.


  • Backpack model, comfortable to carry.
  • Includes a changing mat. Made of waterproof nylon, the mat is padded to provide comfort and easy to clean with just a swipe.
  • Sports 2 main compartments. One compartment is dedicated to parent’s stuff, including: a number of pockets plus a pocket for 14-inch laptop. The other compartment includes: 3 pockets for bottles (2 of which are insulated with EPE foam, 1 pocket for wipes, and 1 large pocket of mesh style).
  • Sports 3 external pockets: 1 hidden zippered pocket, and 2 pockets with elastic mesh for bottles of any sizes.
  • There are 2 loops of metal material for stroller straps.
  • Shoulder straps are padded and adjustable.
  • The backside is dressed with mesh panel for air circulation during wearing.
  • Doubles as daily regular.


  • Material feels cheap.
  • Some buyers claim that the color is rather purple than blue as advertised.


Sure, the versatile functionality can be a very enticing part of the bag. But questions are raised by the quality of materials. It is still a good bag, though; you can at least use it for day to day basis, provided that only the essentials are carried inside.

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