DadGear Messenger Diaper Bag Review

DadGear Messenger Diaper BagWho is to say that carrying a diaper bag is exclusive to moms only? It’s not like a wrong thing to do if dads also want to have a method of carrying supplies for their baby.  However, many avoid doing so given how feminine many diaper bags look out there in the market. This is also the thing that makes a diaper bag seem to be women-only stuff.

In conjunction with this, the one factor that needs to be paid attention to is a diaper bag’s exterior looks. It should be at least neutral in design so as to allow a dad to carry it around. And it just so happens that DadGear Messenger Diaper Bag has this one thing for you, daddies!

DadGear is a supporting tool that surely all dads will love to flaunt to their colleagues. Another point to love about this bag is the fact that the manufacturer designs it with a single purpose: letting the dads do everything to take care of their baby all without having to put the bag down.

This fact is made evident by the presence of a special compartment for a pack of wipes. It is an integrated case where one can keep a pack of wipes inside, with a direct access to it located right at the front side of the bag. This is absolutely making it all hands-free and dads’ life should become easy with it.

Of course, it is attachable to the stroller so whenever you feel tired of carrying it around, you can rest your shoulder for a while. One thoughtful design featured in this bag is its interior that uses bright colored materials. This seems trivial, maybe, at first, but see, an interior made of bright colored material will definitely help one see into the bag easier.

Its accessories include a changing mat that is removable and can be stored within a dedicated compartment so as to avoid contaminating other stuff inside. This changing mat can be washed using machine.


  • Bright interior for easy view
  • Made of sturdy material, works for heavy duty use.
  • Attachable to stroller of any kinds, equipped with large padded strap as wide as 2 inch.
  • Two pockets for bottle that is accessible either from the inside or the outside.
  • A window located at the front side for access directly to a pack of wipes stored within a case inside the bag.


  • It is not convertible, meaning it is only available in messenger style.
  • Stroller straps are made of ribbon-like materials. This makes attaching the bag to a stroller a little difficult especially when the bag is filled fully.
  • It is not that big. Once it is filled up to its capacity, the bag feels bulky and heavy. This makes carrying it a bit painful to the shoulder. The bag is already too heavy from its sturdy material when empty.
  • No compartments for dad’s stuff like phone, etc.
  • Apparently the quick-access wipes enclosure isn’t that all that useful. There is no flap or lid to secure the wipes inside the case. The only thing close to that is the main Velcro-secured flap at the top of the bag. The more one uses the wipes, the thinner its package, and the less this compartments holds it.
  • The lid covering the access to the wipes doesn’t close that tight so the wipes are always at risk of being dried out.


DadGear is perhaps your go-to diaper bag if sturdy, heavy-duty bag is what you aim at. But consider the weight. It is heavy enough for an average person to carry even without anything stored inside. Imagine when it is fully loaded.

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