DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag Review

DadGear Backpack Diaper BagComfort and accommodativeness might be two of the most important factors a diaper bag must have. But more often than not, an accommodative diaper bag means bigger size and bigger size rarely offers comfort. Also, if the bag was comfortable, there is a chance that it couldn’t hold much. This creates some problem because you would want your bag to be an everyday carrier for your baby gears and all.

DadGear arrives with a product that meets all those criteria you might have for a diaper bag. It is designed very accommodative and at the same time comfortable enough for everyday use. And it looks cool too. There is no way people would guess that you’re carrying a diaper bag from looking it once only.

Dads can still hang out with their friends despite having to take care of the baby at the same time too.

Padded shoulder straps mean you can carry the bag all day long without fearing your shoulder might get sore or feeling tired after just a couple of hours wearing it. When it rains, you do not have to be afraid of the possibility that the stuff within the bag will get soaked. The bag is made waterproof to withstand water or liquid that tries to get inside. Dedicated wipes pocket makes for easy access and a dedicated compartment atop of the bag serves as a niche into which you can store more diaper supplies.

There are more than enough compartments for you to use so carrying baby supplies wouldn’t matter much as you can cram as many things as you may need into the bag comfortably.


  • The straps are padded, making carrying it more comfortable.
  • Wipes pocket with easy access with Velcro flap. Insert a pack of wipes inside and retrieve it through an opening.
  • Built-in stroller strap.
  • A special compartment on top of the bag for diaper supplies.
  • Designed in clamshell shape; it opens all the way down like a, well, clamshell.
  • Includes changing mat.
  • Interior is made of bright-colored material.
  • Waterproof exterior.
  • Sports 13 compartments.


  • Bottle holder isn’t insulated.
  • Doesn’t stand up on its own.
  • The shoulder straps, though padded, aren’t all that comfortable. They somewhat scratch the shoulder and when the bag is full, it pulls back so much.
  • The wipes compartment is located at the bottom part of the bag’s front side. If the bag is full, the wipes get crushed, rendering it useless.
  • The stroller straps look too flimsy to hold the bag when fully filled.


It’s a nice bag all in all. But its size and capacity make it a little bit unsuitable for everyday diaper bag in a quick trip away from home.

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