DadGear Backpack Camo Diaper Bag Review

DadGear Backpack Camo Diaper BagLooking to share time between you and your wife in going out with the baby? Going on a date with your baby is a very interesting activity during which you can form a strong bond. For the whole week you may have spent your time working in the office but in the weekend, comes your moment to make memories with your precious one.

If anything, sharing time of going out with the baby can help your wife to get some rest for a while. Remember, she was the one taking care of your beloved kid while you are out to bring bread to the table. So taking one or two responsibilities off her shoulders will only make you look like a considerate husband in the process.

However, going out with a baby isn’t an easy thing to do. You have to carry with you a wide range of gears and tools and, in accordance with that, you are going to need to have a diaper bag. No, don’t force yourself to carry that diaper bag your wife usually takes with her when going out. Unless, you are so free of fear of judgment that you don’t mind carrying that flowery diaper bag. Otherwise, DadGear Backpack Camo Diaper Bag is your solution. The bag is a diaper bag that doesn’t let others know it is a diaper bag. What’s more, the diaper bag is known to have been used by male celebrities so you can rest assure about its integrity.

Featuring aspects of functionality to appeal to dads all over the world, this diaper bag is suitable for you who want to stay in your masculine persona while can still care for your baby in a moment’s notice. 


  • It’s made with backpack style. This makes carrying baby’s things a lot easier and the bag suitable for traveling away from home.
  • It comes with straps for stroller attachment.
  • A window for easy access to wipes pack, located on the front.
  • A special hammock at the inner top side, special for diapers.
  • Designed in clamshell shape; it opens all the way down so you don’t need to dig through stuff.
  • The inner is lined with light-colored material to improve visibility.
  • Includes a changing pad.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Features more than twelve pockets for functionality.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable, padded, and ergonomic.


  • It isn’t machine washable.
  • It is very heavy even when empty.
  • The built-in wipes compartment isn’t all that helpful. The thinner the wipe pack gets, the harder it is to access.
  • The material is pretty soft. It doesn’t stand up so when you put it down, without stuff inside, it will fold in on itself.
  • The shoulder straps, although padded, are scratchy. This will lead to discomfort in prolonged use.


With 13 compartments that it possesses, DadGear Backpack Camo Diaper Bag sure is a nice option for you, dads. The bag’s ability to contain so many things that your baby needs, plus your own stuff like cell phone or keys, is certainly a positive point. However, the weight may be a downside in this case. While it is heavy when empty, you can imagine how it must feel like when filled up. Combined with the fact that the straps are pretty annoying, you must bear down with the risks of shoulder pains.

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