Columbia Navy Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag Review

Columbia Navy Summit Rush Backpack Diaper BagTaking the baby out for a stroll would be a problematic issue if you do not have what it takes to be able to carry all the essentials with ease. Sure, there is that one flowery diaper tote bag that your wife owns but do you really want to carry something that girly? You can simply dismiss what others might say about what they see but there comes a day when you think you need to act like a father without having to abandon style altogether.

This means, it is equally important to still be able to look hip and great as it is to be able to perform those fatherly duties. Now, certainly your wife’s diaper bag will not help you with this cause. This leads you to buy your own signature diaper bag; one that can characteristically underline the stylish self of yours all the while being fully functional as a bag.

Those are the plus points offered by Columbia Navy Summit Rush Backpack Diaper Bag to you. The bag is in backpack style, meaning it is capable of serving you that most-sought feature of hands-free. Using the bag, you can use your hands for other things that need immediate attention while feeling sure that everything is safely kept contained within the bag at your back.

What’s more, the bag is actually looking like regular backpack with added value of being able to contain pretty much everything essential for you to do the diaper change duties. That being said, it does not mean that the bag is not equipped with support for comfort. The shoulder straps are padded and so is the back panel. This means your shoulder shouldn’t feel strained after protracted use. It is also reasonably lightweight when empty but with commendable sturdiness.

The exterior bottle pocket is lined with Therma-Flect material that can provide support for keeping the temperature of your bottle’s content in check and can be accessed easily for quick retrieval. In addition to changing pad, the bag comes with detachable pouch, intended for keeping dirty clothes and such. 


  • Lightweight, unisex design makes for flexible use for any genders. Shoulder straps and back panel are all padded for extra comfort.
  • Pockets are either zippered or elasticized for maximum security. Front pockets are zippered. The main compartment houses three pockets with elastic plus a zippered pocket. One side pocket is elasticized.
  • The other side pocket is zippered and is lined with special insulation material.
  • Snap closure for stroller attachment.
  • Comes with changing pad and a special pouch for dirty items.


  • The bag is spacious. But if you intend on using it for supplies for two babies or more, then this might not be enough.
  • Not machine washable; clean up using wipes only.


Summit Rush is a pretty simple, to-the-point bag. The only gimmick it embeds on itself is that insulated bottle pocket. Everything else is not of particular highlight. But that is the nicest thing about the bag; while you can keep it all simple and working, why make it complicated?

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