Carter’s Sport Back Pack Diaper Bag Review

Carter's Sport Back Pack Diaper BagThe words “diaper bag” perhaps instill an image in your mind about something bulky and ugly albeit functional. The bag is helpful enough as a way of carrying baby’s supplies around when you need to go out away from home for a while. But you probably have a hard time still to shake the image of bulkiness off.

It is completely understandable that you want to avoid at all costs carrying a bag that is probably bigger than your body. However, seeing just how important the item is, you still need to find one that is capable of carrying out its job without making problems on the way you look, appearance-wise. You need to find a diaper bag that can support you on carrying baby’s supplies around perfectly and does not hurt the way to dress at the same time.

And if you think that all diaper bags out there are overly feminine for your taste, think again. Carter’s Sport Back Pack Diaper Bag is not one to be categorized as such. Granted, the design is utterly masculine and sporty. But that only lends you a chance of carrying a bag that doesn’t state diaper bag at all. Plus, the presence of pink strikes here and there should be enough to counter the one-tone effect of the dominant gray hue. The two color makes up for each other’s possible weakness: gray offers that sportiness while pink allows for sweeter accentuation.

Every other trope of a diaper bag is included in this bag too. There is a hard case for wipes pack, there is a special insulated pocket for bottle, and it even comes with a matching changing pad. With complete features like this, it is unlikely that you will find the bag less than useful.

Straps for the shoulders are padded to provide extra comfort when in use and the main compartment is spacious enough for you to keep everything essential for your baby inside for use down the road. This spaciousness is a plus point, considering you do not have to carry another purse for your own personal items. Just keep it all together in one place and you are ready to go for a busy day out with your loveable baby. 


  • Uses 100% polyester for the main material.
  • The main compartment is roomy and it features plenty of pockets inside. At the front are two exterior pockets with zipper.
  • On one side of the bag is an insulated bottle pocket while on the other side is a hard case for wipes pack.
  • Includes a changing pad.
  • Features handle on the top side. Shoulder straps are padded and adjustable.


  • Carrying options are stuck in just two types, either backpack mode or carry-on.
  • No apparent stroller attachment.
  • Not easily wipe clean.


Obviously, the choice is in your hand. The bag offers nothing more than just a backpack mode and carry-on. Carry-on mode is probably less preferred because why would you carry a bag loaded with things inside everywhere? This mode only works for a short time. The backpack mode allows for hands-free aspect plus your shoulder won’t suffer pain from uneven weight distribution. But the bag should at least provide a way to be attached to a stroller. That would be a nice addition because no one knows precisely when their shoulders just have enough and get tired.

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