Carter’s On The Move Camouflage Messenger Diaper Bag Review

Carter's On The Move Camouflage Messenger Diaper BagPicking a diaper essentially has everything to do with personal taste and preference, as does another thing in life. However, a diaper bag is important when you are having a baby and you frequently go out, away from home. Such a bag needs to be sturdy, reliable, comfortable, functional, and overall flexible in use.

By flexible, it means that the bag should be able to be carried by both genders so moms or dads can feel safe knowing that the bag does not hurt their basic style. Having a unisex diaper bag means both parties can take turn in taking care of the baby and go out together freely.

This has become a slightly major concern because the majority of men aren’t willing to take their baby out for a walk due to the fact that the bag used to carry the supplies is overly feminine. And come to think of it, that is something legit on its own. Unless you are that free in mind, carrying a girlish diaper bag would force a guy to refuse doing the task.

Are you in the same dilemma? Are you willing to help out your wife but the bag just doesn’t cut it? Well, Carter’s On The Move Camouflage Messenger Diaper Bag is the solution you have been searching for all this time.


There are some reasons to back that statement up. It is designed as a messenger bag. Meaning, if your wife has it, you can use it too as that style lends to a casual way of use. Second, the motif is that of army look. You know, all those swirling shapes of green color here and there commonly found on soldier’s attires? That’s how the bag looks. Certainly, with a print like this, the bag doesn’t scream diaper bag and no one would even begin to guess that it contains diaper and baby gears. You can figuratively camouflage the contents with the appearance. 


  • Made 100% of polyester, resilient and durable.
  • It is quite spacious that it can contain more than just the essentials for the baby.
  • Shoulder strap is adjustable.
  • Comes with stroller straps.
  • Includes a matching changing pad, stored in an open back pocket.
  • Features a zippered bottle pocket that is insulated.
  • Features a wipes pack dispenser.
  • Equipped with separate pouch to keep dirty clothes.
  • Inner pockets and two zippered outer pockets.


  • The inner and back pockets are not secured with flaps, Velcro, or zipper.
  • Changing pad isn’t padded so it may not provide enough comfort for the baby.
  • Shoulder strap pad isn’t large enough to provide comfort when in use.


On the Move is a nice diaper bag. It can accommodate pretty much everything a baby needs at the time as the bag has roomy compartments. The wipes dispenser is handy although the fact that the bag features only one insulated bottle pocket quite possibly is a letdown. All in all, it’s pretty capable of tackling daily use.

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