Carter’s Convertible Zip Front Tote Diaper Bag Review

Carter's Convertible Zip Front Tote Diaper BagLooking for stylish and functional diaper, you can go with this bag because it has been number one wanted in some online stores. Don’t think too much about picking the pros and cons but just think about the needs you want to fulfill in this bag. If you think that you want to wash your diaper bag, you can simply put this inside washing machine so it’ll be clean and clear. So what do you get from this tote diaper bag for your traveling plan? Here is the feature you can get from this superb bag.

What you can get from this bag are double handle that will give you more flexibility. It will make you more comfortable with the option whether you will go with double straps or single straps, it depends on how many stuff you will take with your bag so think about to choose between two straps or one strap. Don’t know what you are going to choose but at least, you know what you need.

Here we are giving simple conclusion to see the pros and cons, so you understand what you need and what you want to have. There are pros and cons you can see before buying the stuff. It will make you consider which one you can pick the best.


  • Lots of space so you can store many things inside the bag, you can store many diapers many as you can as long as it does not make the bag full.
  • Washable stuff is everyone’s dream so you may like these pros from the bag. You don’t need to brush or something to make sure that your bag is clean so just put into washing machine, so it’s going to be clean.
  • Durable quality also becomes number one pros that everyone should know about it.


  • A bit heavy so you may not want to bring more things in this bag but keep it light so you will not feel heavy.
  • Not waterproof bag so you have to think about to protect it from rain. You also can buy the extension of waterproof bag for your tote diaper bag.


So what are you going to choose when every choice you have been reading? You have found many reviews including thinking to have Carter for your shooting and shoot the picture because all you can do is just to ensure that you read our feature and review recommendation. Make sure that you have read all the agreements you have read especially in warranty issue.

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