Camo Camouflage Tote Purse Diaper Bag Brown Review

Camo Camouflage Tote Purse Diaper Bag BrownBeing a mom, you may find it a bit daunting to stay in perfect look all the time. The constant chores that keep coming your way may prevent you from even thinking about maintaining your appearance. The busy life of a mom is sometimes too much. You maybe even think that once you have a baby, that is it. There is no way you can appear cute and sweet—at least, not until your baby is old enough to take care of itself.

When you go out for a trip away from with your baby, be it just a quick errand to the store or a play date with bestie’s baby, you need a diaper bag. It is an essential, must-have item that needs to be in a possession of every mom as it is helpful in a lot of different ways. However, many diaper bags out there have this distinct marker that blatantly states that you are a busy mom. And that certainly does not help your cause to look gorgeous. A diaper bag that is clunky and bulky is not a match for a mom who wants to look beautiful among her friends.

Well, that is not the case with Camo Camouflage Tote Purse Diaper Bag Brown. The bag in question is utterly gorgeous and fashionably cute. It has this bow embedded to it, located at the part where the straps meet the bag. And it is a tote bag, which is a way to say that with it, looking stylish while being a mom is not something unachievable.

The bag comes into variations: one being with one bow and the other two. The only thing setting one apart from the other is slight difference in size. The bag is made of canvas as its main material so it is pretty much safe to say that it is waterproof. Although, the closure uses magnetic snap which makes the water-resistance aspect of the bag’s kind of useless as water can seep through the top openings. It is still sweet, though, with its brown color and durable material. 


  • Made of canvas; durable and somewhat waterproof.
  • A tote bag that works in enhancing your hip style.
  • Beautiful, feminine look.


  • No stroller attachment.
  • Too small.
  • The outside may be waterproof but the inside may not be.
  • No information about if it comes with a changing mat.
  • No information about pockets.


This brown tote bag seems to only target moms who simply want to look stylish with no apparent functionality in it. The compartment may be large but it is totally questionable as to whether it can fit all the things essential to a baby. The bow(s) could be distracting but for what it’s worth, the bag is indeed cute. It may not be suitable for moms whose baby is still too young that it needs a lot of things but for those whose baby is already older, which is to say it won’t need as much, the bag might work.

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