Built The Station Convertible Diaper Bag Review

Built The Station Convertible Diaper BagHow long have you been waiting the moment to have the baby? Having a baby is such a great blessing because not everyone can have a baby. It’s the chosen one that God gives a baby. There is nothing to worry about the fashion when you already have the baby, and you need to make sure that your fashion is still good looking. Fashion like clothes, you can get it with some your old style like you can maintain your everyday looks before you had the baby.

Fashion like bag for baby, you can get the newest model of fashion bag. Indeed, it’s important to have bag that can store your baby stuff. You don’t need to worry when you imagine having to carry babyish bag with cute dolls for the outside print bag because now you can get the most stylish bag in the world. Diaper bag now comes with good taste of style. It looks like adult bag and with some great modification of style from years to years, you can choose the various bag with various style too. Some diaper bags usually come with mom design that looks girly. It might be awkward when dad should have carried the bag too. That is why manufacturers now make the simple design that supports dad to bring the diaper bag.

One of our recommendation is Built-Station Convertible Diaper Bag. So, what is the purchasing package you can get from this cool diaper bag? The feature you’ll get from this bag is various. The common feature is like you’ll get two exterior bottle pockets. It’s cool because you can bring two bottles with different water. You can go with mineral water and milk for baby. You also get the guarantee to carry foods inside this bag because it has been tested by FDA. From the test of FDA, it’s safe for foods because it’s BPA, PVC, vinyl free.


  • It’s safe and good for dad If mothers are pretty tired of carrying the diaper bag, this unisex diaper bag is the good option for you.
  • It’s convertible but just convertible in little conversion. It’s still cool for you to choose the most flexible and comfortable strap option.
  • This bag can be in washing machine, so you don’t need to worry about it.


  • Although it says convertible, it doesn’t include to convert into backpack.
  • It does not come with stroller straps.


What you have to think when you are going to buy this bag is just about the consideration that you have to divide the duty with your husband. Our conclusion is pretty simple. For those who need Unisex diaper bag, it’s time to try this cool diaper bag. There is no reason for dad to avoid carrying diaper bag due to design that is only good for women. This bag is pretty cool for dad.

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