Bellotte Functional Stylish Baby Tote Diaper Bag Review

Bellotte Functional Stylish Baby Tote Diaper BagDo you plan to go with your baby, but you are not confident to bring babyish stuff? It’s a risk of being mom; you should not have looked upon style or thinking that baby ruins your stylish looking. Baby is a great bless from God that you have cared so much. We all know that having baby is great blessing, not all couple can have baby. Sometimes they need years to get children. If you worry about style, think wider and opened. There are many life hacks to make you look good even you are already a mother. What you have to think twice is when you have something that can disturb your baby.

Think about baby comfort. It’s impossible not to bring diaper bag when you are walking around or hanging around with baby. It has to be well-prepared. It is like toys, diaper and more. You have to prepare all of them and keep them clean. That is why diaper bag is essential for parents that have just had baby and go traveling. What do you worry when you all can have stylish diaper bag? It’s modern era. There is no old school bag. There is no diaper bag that comes with babyish stuff for design. There are many brands in stores but choosing best one is not that simple.

You’ve to have deep research and avoid picking wrong choice on diaper bag. You don’t need to think more because we have the list. One of our top his diaper bags is Bellotte Functional Stylish Baby Tote Diaper Bag. How have you been familiar with that brand? The stylish name really represents what this bag looks alike. Coming with roomy interior, this bag is simply amazing with its well-managed pockets that allow mothers to have better arrangement of stuff. We have pros and cons of this bag to help you make right considerations before buying it. 


  • It comes with large pocket to allow mothers to have more opportunities to store their stuff too.
  • There are eight interior pockets and four exterior pockets. You can imagine how it has so many pockets to make good storage management for baby’s stuff.
  • There are removable straps to adjust comforts for getting easier travel.


  • The zipper pocket is only one in both exterior and interior. That is why the security and protection are so-so.
  • Changing pad is too small, but you still can get the additional pad outside.


Number one priority should’ve been in baby. When you go around with family, think first the baby’s needs. To carry many needs, you need diaper bag to keep it neat and hygiene inside diaper bag. We all know that main purpose of having diaper bag is to keep supplying baby’s needs but when hygiene is another issue, choosing diaper bag has to be picky. Bellotte has been for years producing diaper bag. Its style is good for those who want to keep good looking outside.

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