Babymel Soho Messenger Diaper Bag Review

Babymel Soho Messenger Diaper BagAs a husband, you may see how hard it is for your wife to handle things alone. With a baby on board, daily chores will ultimately become somewhat a burden for her. Therefore, there is no harm in helping her out, even with the simplest form of task.

You can run an errand for her or take the baby out for a stroll down the park. This will lift some of the burdens of her shoulders definitely. However, in doing so, you are going to need a diaper bag that will help you in turn to make a diaper change a breeze trip.

And here’s the catch: not every diaper bag matches your style as a hip dad. Chances are good that you will instead cancel your plan of walking out with baby out of fear of turning people’s head when you pick up the diaper bag your wife has. If you are so keen on being bold then by all means, pick up the bag right away.

But if you wish to have another choice, BabymelSoho Messenger Diaper Bag is your go-to gear. BabymelSoho is unisex in design thus you will not feel weird using it. It is styled with plenty of pockets on the outside so you will not find it difficult to reach for the things you need at the moment.

The inner side of the bag is made of material that enables you to clean it with just a wipe. There are two pockets for bottles on the side of the bag. The pockets are insulated so you can keep the temperature of the bottle’s content steady for up to 4 hours. The bag is lightweight and sports 11 pockets: 5 outer pockets with Velcro closure, 5 inner pockets with elastic material, and another one with zippers. The bag is built with extra changing pad with cushion that can provide comfort to your baby.


  • 5 outer pockets with Velcro closure.
  • 5 inner pockets with elastic material
  • 1 additional pockets on the inside with zipper.
  • Unisex design and lightweight material.
  • Padded changing mat for extra comfort.
  • Adjustable strap and insulated bottle pockets.


  • No stroller attachment.
  • Being nylon-made, the bag is prone to snagging.
  • It is not sturdy enough.


If the trip you make with the baby is short, this bag comes in handy because it can accommodate variety of baby supplies. But its durability makes it a questionable choice when planning for a vacation away from home.

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