BabyBeau Eden Changing Bag Review

BabyBeau Eden Changing BagWhat do you usually look for choosing diaper bag? Is it storage and then you ignore style and ease of use? Is it only easing of use and then you ignore the rest considerations? Don’t leave all considerations because even the storage is the key to search best diaper bag, ease and durability are also important to consider.

One of best diaper bag is BabyBeau Eden Changing Bag. BabyBeau provides best completeness in a diaper bag because you can get more benefits with diaper bag in a touch only. The available color options are quite varied, ranging from violet, dark blue, light brown, dark gray, black and red maroon. Distressed leather which uses two colors adds a beauty of this baby bag. Each line is sewn manually without sewing machine. It can produce more beautiful work. Accessories provided include a wallet and a special bag for used diapers. BabyBeau Eden Changing bag can show the impression of exclusivity with some beauty, glitz, glamor, and elegance.

Not all mothers understand that choosing bag is also with ease of use. Style and storage are always number one consideration that comes as endless taste for mothers in common. If you are looking for style, storage, and ease of use for your considerations, this bag should be right for you. It is BabyBeau Eden Changing Bag Brown. Vintage looks stun every mom who sees it. If you love the minimalist design with enough storage for baby stuff, this BabyBeau bag is very great for you.

Although it looks so small, the real size is not that small because it’s enough for storing Ipad, Laptop along with diapers, baby’s essential needs. Even it looks so small, but there are still compartments for you to manage all stuff including your things and baby’s stuff. To make sure your belief before buying this bag, here we have pros and cons we have concluded after giving a trial to wear.


  • The organizer is removable, and it might be the first unique feat\ure that not all diaper bags has. Removable organizer lets you change the diaper bag for working bag because you can store Ipad or even laptop inside.
  • The strap of shoulder is adjustable. It lets you be more flexible with handling you wish to wear when you are going around with your baby.
  • The changing mat comes with pad, so you don’t need to worry about baby’s comfort when you are going to change the diaper.


  • It’s clean spot only because you need special rule of maintenance to keep the bag durable for both look of fashion and functionality.
  • The zipper is a bit hard to move so you need to make sure that you operate it well and slowly.


Who does not want to be a stylish mother? Diaper bag in many ways has helped new mother to be more confident bringing diaper everywhere along with their stuff. As we have known that it’s awkward to be babyish mother with babyish bag. This BabyBeau bag is recommended for vintage and classical looks. With right maintenance, this bag might be best for its great durability and functionality.

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