Arrows Weekender Bag by White Elm Review

Arrows Weekender Bag by White ElmHow long have you been searching best diaper bag for your babies and help to make you look still stylish? Even you are a mother now, being stylish is still one of needs so every mom should do the same to keep them in good looking. We wonder how many mothers get confused to find best ways to keep caring their baby, but they still can look gorgeous and stylish with diaper bag they choose. If you looked back years ago, this bag usually comes with a kiddy theme where mothers will find cute picture and motives in the bag. That design is old and as a mother; that bag is no longer stylish.

That is why new style and design now is more modern, and mothers everywhere don’t worry about to hang out with families. Although many parents choose the modern one, sometimes they usually do something wrong in their consideration. The look is number one, and the quality comes second. That is wrong. Although they hope to have both stylish and high-quality bag at the same time, they still take the looking first. To overcome that problem, now you can get stylish and high-quality one for your bag. It is Teal Arrows Weekender Tote Bag.

Coming with bright cover with arch motives, this bag may become best diaper bag. The features you can get from this stylish bag are four interior pockets and two exterior pockets. There is magnetic snap closure to keep your stuff protected inside. There is nothing perfect so does with the diaper bag. There are pros and cons you can consider when you are going to buy Arrows Weekender.


  • It’s washable bag so; there is no need to worry when you see your bag is smelly. Although, it is washable, don’t think that you can make it dirty and keep it clean to ensure the durability.
  • Wide interior allows mothers to have large storage for their baby’s toys, powder, and other stuff they want to store. You don’t need to bring an extra bag for your stuff too because this bag can handle it.
  • It’s not babyish design so it can be everywhere for any occasion whether you hang out in stores to shop, or just have a picnic with families, this bag is so recommended.


  • The straps look weak, and it sometimes makes the users worry about the weight capability.
  • There is no base protection, and it can be dirty when you are clueless and have no idea to put the bag. That is why you should take care on where you put the bag.
  • The weight is light, and that’s the reason behind people worry about the capability.


Having baby should not make you stop being stylish. With some fashion styling including diaper bag, you’ll be good looking as well as when you’re young. Although this bag has pros and cons, but overall this bag is really recommended. If you’re able to maintain well, it’s possible to make this bag durable. That is why right maintenance is important. Even this bag has come with high technology of manufacturing but treating it well will keep it durable.

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