Amy Michelle Lexington Camouflage Diaper Bag Review

Amy Michelle Lexington Camouflage Diaper BagSo, your best friend is having a baby and you want to give her a present that does not leave her husband feeling like he has been left forgotten? Well, you can always resort to Amy Michelle Lexington Camouflage Diaper Bag for this purpose. It comes in two variants, though: the flowery prints and the army look. Go for the former if you want the bag to be exclusive for your bestie but the latter works for both her and her husband.

The army look certainly works well with daddy’s purpose; that is, to stay looking manly while taking care of the baby. Despite looking overly manly, women can also carry this bag as an element of their fashion ensemble. Like, it would be great addition to counter an ensemble that is dominant in feminine feels.

A dedicated section located at the front side of the bag means parents (daddies or mommies) can also stuff the bag with their own personal belongings so they wouldn’t have to bring so many carrying options while going out with baby.

The diaper bag also makes it a superior point that it boasts different method of carrying. It comes with shoulder straps at the back so it can be carried up backpack-style. Tuck those straps in and the bag is now a messenger bag. Adjust the strap and one can carry it on a single shoulder like a tote. This flexibility allows one to relieve the weight one’s shoulders carry and ultimately means to prevent that lingering shoulder pain that comes with carrying heavily stuffed bag.

Even when it is not used the way it is intended for, the bag is still useful. You can carry the bag the way a normal, regular bag can so really, this bag is an all-in-one package of gift. Help your best friend rock a stylish mom ensemble without making her husband feeling left behind with this diaper bag. 


  • Made of nylon, lightweight.
  • It is divided into three sections: parents’ at the very front, baby’s in the middle, and a compartment for storing changing pad at the back.
  • Lined with antimicrobial material.
  • Flexible carrying method: backpack, messenger bag, and semi-tote bag.
  • Comes with an easy-to-clean changing pad.
  • Top closure is zippered, equipped with five compartments.
  • 4 insulated bottle pockets: 2 inside, 2 outside.


  • Shape is somewhat rigid.
  • The slip pocket at the front is shallow and not secured either with zipper or a flap.
  • The straps are flimsy and unpadded. It might hurt the shoulder upon wearing.
  • The fabric is rough and could be uncomfortable to the touch for some people.
  • The bag’s hardware is made of plastic material, feels cheap and of lesser quality.
  • Not that roomy.


Amy Michelle Lexington’s diaper bag is a true wonder of gender-neutral item. Men can rock it, women can flaunt it. But the bag indeed has issues with its material and the strapping. The straps are somewhat sharp to the skin, making it dig on the skin while carrying. It is a major letdown for a bag that has potential.

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