There are many moms out there that think diaper bags should be cute. Who can blame them, really? When you have the most adorable little baby in the world, you can’t help but get everything to match his cuteness.

Now, since we’re talking about diaper bags we should be talking about functionality too. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for style, and vice versa. We need to consider the material, size, usability, and practicality if we’re serious about getting the best for our children. Those four factors can make or break a baby bag. For instance, if the material is not easy to clean, then all those milk and juice spills will be locked in the fabric. Before you know it, the whole bag reeks and the stain is impossible to remove.

Practicality matters too. A bag that can be opened wide like a suitcase makes packing and finding stuff a lot easier. Not all bags come with such convenient feature.

Ok, to make your search quicker, we give you six of the best rated cute diaper bags that you can get on the market today. They’re more than just looks. Each of them will make the ideal choice for moms and dads looking for a matching nappy bag for their sweet little kids.

Top Rated Cute Diaper Bags 


LeSportsac Ryan Cute Baby Diaper Bag

LeSportsac Ryan Cute Baby Diaper BagThis stylish diaper bag is lightweight, cute, and practical. A lightweight bag is great because after you pack a chock full of baby stuff in it, the weight is still manageable. It is also able to stand on its own, so you don’t need to lean it on anything.

This baby bag comes in over a dozen of different prints. You can go with the super cutesy ones or the more mature (yet still cute) ones. Even though it’s not big enough if you have twin or two kids in diapers, it has plenty enough space for one baby’s worth of goodies plus that will last a whole day. The bag is made of Nylon. It’s durable and wipes clean easily. You may also hand wash, and air dry it.

To carry the bag, you can use the top handle or the adjustable strap. Inside there is a pair of stroller clips so you can hang the bag on a stroller.

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NimNik Premium Baby Diaper Bag

NimNik Premium Baby Diaper BagWith vivid colors and cute prints, this bag is an excellent choice for moms who want a diaper bag that will suit a baby boy and girl. The material is phthalate-free and BPA-free polyester, so you don’t get that nasty chemical odor that usually comes with new bags. The material and hardware feel high-quality and durable.

The bag has eight pockets including two bottle pockets on the sides. On the front, there’s one slip pocket and one with flap cover fastened with Velcro. On the back, there’s a huge slip pocket. You can fit the changing pad or a magazine there. Inside, there’s a combination of zippered and slip pockets to help organize your baby’s paraphernalia. A changing mat and a wet bag are already included for your convenience.

This cute diaper bag only has one carry method; over the shoulder. The strap is broad and adjustable. You can easily adjust the length to your body size and preferred drop length.

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Okiedog Genie Flower Power yellow

okiedog Genie Flower Power yellowThis bag is made for moms with older babies who do not need frequent diaper changing or toddlers who are potty-trained and no longer require diapers. It’s an excellent bag to carry for short trips to the grocery store, restaurant, or afternoon walk at the park. Now, you can leave that enormous and bulky bag you used to carry around at home.

While the size is rather small, the main compartment and the pockets are still spacious enough to carry spare onesies, blanket, diapers, toys, bottles, lunch, and of course your own personal items like cell phone, wallet, cosmetics. The bag has a flap closure with Velcro fastener that’s easy to open by one hand.

The color and design of this small diaper bag are really cute, so moms and their babies simply love it. It’s  well-made too, and should last quite a while. Okiedog’s diaper bag is free from BPA, AZO, Phthalate, and PVC. It’s totally safe for your baby.

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Colorland Smart Cute Backpack Diaper Bag

Colorland Smart Cute Backpack Diaper BagThis is a stylish & cute diaper backpack from Colorland. You have five different designs and colors to choose from, and they are all equally adorable. This bag, however, is much more than just cute. It’s really practical and spacious enough for one baby’s worth of necessities. The main compartment has two zippers, and it opens almost all the way down. It’s very easy to pack and take things out. This bag has a flat bottom so it can sit upright and doesn’t fall over when you put it down.

You also get plenty of pockets inside and out to organize all those baby stuff better. There are six pockets, big and small, on the outside. You can keep the frequently used items there so you won’t need to open the main compartment too often.

The padded straps make this backpack comfortable to wear. It also has a small top handle so you can grab and go quickly.

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Tonwhar Mummy Bags Cute Ladybug Diaper Tote Handbag

Tonwhar Mummy Bags Cute Ladybug Diaper Tote HandbagThis cute ladybug pattern diaper bag is eye-catching. It’s designed to allow you to show girly side while going for a walk with your baby, while still getting the practicality of a diaper bag.  It’s a medium-sized messenger that comes complete with a changing mat. The changing mat is 24-inches x 13.5 inches in size, and it’s handy for diaper changing on the go.

This cute diaper bag uses zipper closure. It’s of high quality, and the movement is smooth end to end. The main compartment has red interior lining that is easy to clean. The contrast of the red lining makes it easy to spot the stuff that you need from the bag. On the exterior, there are six slip pockets of different sizes all around the bag. You can store wipes, bottles, and everything else you need for a quick outing with your child.

While the shoulder straps aren’t adjustable, their length allows for comfortable shoulder carry.

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MSF Baby Nappy Bag Cute Tote Bag

MSF Baby Nappy Bag Cute Tote BagWhat you get here is a complete package of a large diaper bag, small diaper bag, changing mat, and bottle holder. It’s an ideal bag for stylish moms looking for a complete solution. Take the big one when you need to spend the weekend far from home, and take the small bag when you just need a quick trip to the store. You have the option of carrying the bag over the shoulder or grab it like an ordinary Tote.

The big bag has two large zippered pockets on the front, and one small zippered pocket mixed with the large one. The back portion has one large pocket with magnetic clasp closure. It’s where you suppose to slip in the changing mat.

The smaller bag follows similar design to the big one. It’s just that everything is made smaller. As for the bottle holder, it’s pretty good. It’s insulated so you can keep warm or cold drinks in there and it will hold the drink’s temperature at desired level until it’s time to drink them.

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Your Guide To Buying a Cute Diaper Bag


What People Are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Multipurpose. A diaper bag doesn’t have to carry diapers all the time. In fact, a good diaper bag can also be used as a travel bag, gym bag, or workbag. Obviously, the style shouldn’t be screaming “Diaper Bag!” for this to work. It’s a good thing that many cute diaper bags out there don’t look too babyish.
  • Adjustable straps. People have different body sizes. Tall or large people sometimes have problems with products designed for the average person. With adjustable straps, you can set the bag, so it doesn’t sit too high or too low.
  • Stroller straps. Just because you can carry the bag doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time. Being able to hook the bag on the stroller and get the weight off your shoulders is a nice option to have. The best kind of stroller straps are the built-in ones that are always there when you need them.
  • Easy-to-clean material. Whether it’s limited to spot cleaning or completely machine-washable, parents just love bags that are easy to clean. There’s no way you can keep something that used daily outdoors clean all of the time. Your children, mother nature, and yourself are always taking turns in getting some stain or dirt on the bag.


Useful Tips For Shoppers:

  • If you really like a bag, but it doesn’t come with a changing pad, don’t fret it. A good changing pad is easy to find. Skip Hop, for example, sells a folding changing pad that has a built-in pocket for one diaper and a stack of wipes. It’s machine-washable too.
  • Look for bags with light-colored It’s a lot easier to see what’s inside and grab what you need when the interior lining is light in color.
  • The money-back guarantee is sweet. Sometimes you just don’t know what you want. You buy a bag, and it just doesn’t click. With a money-back guarantee, you can just return the bag and get your money back. Such guarantee also works in your favor when you get a lemon. Despite manufacturers’ best attempt at getting only the best off the shelf, a bad one sometimes just slips out.
  • Big, small, or both? If you’re planning on multi-days trip with your children, then an extra-large diaper bag may be your best choice. It’s a different story if you just need something to take on short trips. If you need a bag for both, then you should try the 4-in-1 baby bag from MSF reviewed above.
  • Go for gender neutral design if the bag is meant for both mom and dad to carry. Yes, there are plenty of cute diaper bags that have unisex However, if dad doesn’t mind carrying a cutesie bag with frills and flowery prints, then you can go full steam ahead and buy the cutest baby bag you can find.


Diaper Bag Packing Guide: Pack for The Day

For parents with infants, large diaper bags are usually the wisest choice to get when they’re out and about. Infants soil their diapers frequently, and stocking a stack of spare diapers and onesies in the bag is a wise thing to do. Sadly, some parents tend to overpack when it comes to their babies. If that sounds like you, take note! You’re packing for the day instead of for the whole year. You don’t need to transfer the entire nursery into the bag you’re carrying.

Start by making a list of what your baby actually use when he’s home. If he never uses a pacifier at home, then why bother carrying one when you’re going to the beach, for example. It’s also a good idea to check what’s inside the bag once you get home. If you had packed a dozen diapers and left with six, then don’t pack so many the next time you go out.

When packing formula, you usually don’t need to take the whole can with you. A formula dispenser doesn’t take much space, and they’re more suited to bring instead of the can because you can set the individual serving before you go. It makes preparing formula quicker and less messy too.

Packing multipurpose items is also a great way to lighten up your bag. A muslin blanket can be used for so many things. You can use it as a blanket, nursing cover, stroller shade, burp cloth, and bib. In an emergency, you can also use it as a changing mat. Go for multitaskers instead of unitaskers.



The cute diaper bags shown above are proof that function shouldn’t get in the way of style. Any one of those bags can be your ideal match for your next outdoor adventure. If you are still unsure about which bag to get, re-read the shopper tips above, see which ones you can relate to, and go for it.

Oh, by the way. If you’re into baby wear, you should stick with a diaper backpack. It’s the best choice for baby-wearing folks.