Many women won’t give up style when picking diaper bags. That’s totally understandable. Who would want to be seen walking around carrying an ugly-looking bag, right?

Luckily, diaper bag manufacturers understand this very well. Many have successfully created stylish diaper bags that don’t even remotely look like diaper bags. Right now you have so many to choose from. You can get one with a modern look, vintage, hip, sporty, and more. It’s not hard to go to any baby store and see trendy diaper bags on display. The hard part comes when you actually need to buy one.

There are so many things other than style that one must consider before buying a baby bag. Space, comfort, ease of use and practicality are some of the points that are also crucial. Would you want a bag that looks good but the strap itches your skin whenever you carry it? Of course not. 

Now, if you are looking for fashionable diaper bags that are more than just looks, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have collected only the best ones in the market. Each of the bags reviewed here has received many excellent reviews and ratings from moms everywhere. Go and check them out.

Top Rated Stylish Diaper Bags 


Urban Mom Stylish Diaper Bag

Urban Mom Stylish Diaper BagThis is a designer diaper bag that looks pretty and very functional. The bag is stylish, modern, and looks good with whatever outfit you’re wearing. You’ll most likely get compliments on how gorgeous your bag is. Little do they know that it’s carrying diapers, milk bottles, and all.

You get plenty of storage space in this bag. The main compartment in the center is spacious, and you get nine pockets to keep toys, bottles, keys, wallet, diapers, wipes, and more. The bottom part of the bag stays flat even when it’s full. It will stand on its own, and you don’t need to lean it against anything to stop it from toppling down.

The Urban Mom Tote is made of heavy-duty canvas that won’t fall apart after just a couple of use. It feels durable, and will surely hold for a very long time. The bag may even be still in use years after you’ve quit using it as a diaper bag.

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Arrows Weekender Bag by White Elm

Arrows Weekender Bag by White ElmIf you’re not fond of bags that’s subtle and blend with the crowd, then you’re going to love the Arrows Weekender. With its bright colors, no one can miss you out there when you’re strolling on the seaside with your children.

This bag has a huge main compartment and has six pockets; four on the inside and two on the outside. Granted, this bag is more suited for a quick walk instead of an all-day outing at an amusement park, but it shall serve that purpose very well.

Even though the material seems like it will pick up dirt easily, it’s actually not a dirt magnet. When it eventually gets dirty, though, it won’t be a big deal because it’s super easy to clean. Just throw it in the washer and it’ll come out like new. The material for the handles is also excellent. The faux leather handles are strong and hold up well when the bag is heavy with all kinds of stuff.

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Compact Mommy Fashionable Nappy Bag

Compact Mommy Fashionable Nappy BagFor quick trips to the grocery store or the mall, carrying an extra-large diaper bag may be a bit too much. Such occasion demands a compact baby bag such as this fashionable Tote. Its stylish design fits well with various settings even the semi-formal ones.

Inside, you’ll find four slip pockets, two on each side. Each pocket’s width is about half the width of the bag. It’s big enough for a sippy cup, diapers, toys, and wipes. The main compartment fits one or two change of clothes. The top of the bag uses zipper closure to secure the bag’s content.

Even though it’s rather smallish, a changing pad and insulated bottle holder are already included. We all know that babies and toddlers soil their diapers with no regards to time and place. Having a changing pad ready helps a lot during those instances.

This Tote bag can be carried cross-body. It comes with a detachable long strap, and it’s adjustable so you can always fit it to your body size.

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Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag

Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper BagLaiya Baby Products understands mommies who want a trendy yet functional diaper bag. You’ll never walk in shame carrying the Laiya Deluxe Tote. The durable canvas exterior has elegant styling that will fit fashionable moms like you. It looks great whether you use the short handles to carry it like a Tote or use the long detachable straps to wear it on your shoulder or cross body. The loops used to attach the long straps double as stroller loops. It’s not detachable, and there’s no risk of losing them at all.

As for size, this bag sits in the middle. It’s neither too big nor too small. It has enough space to take two kids’ worth of essentials without looking bulky. The interior features six pockets, and you get two more on the exterior.  The inner pockets are not too deep, so you won’t need to dig down to retrieve the stuff you put in them. Their sizes are just right, not overly small so that they become useless.

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Babyboo Trendy Diaper Bag

Babyboo Trendy Diaper BagStylish, simple, and clean. Those are the first impressions you’ll get when you see the Babyboo Signature bag. Even single ladies can take this bag to the beach, mall, or park and none will ever guess that this is a diaper bag. The material used to make this bag is cotton canvas. The reinforcing stitches on the seams are done really well. It looks and feels like a durable bag. You can be sure it will be usable for years to come.

This Babyboo bag is a rather short one. It’s only about 11-inches in height. That’s actually a positive thing. It means you’ll be able to grab whatever you put at the bottom of the bag easily. It doesn’t have too many pockets, just six, and one of them is a bottle pocket.  Babyboo bag comes with a large changing pad with matching design. The size allows you to use it for babies as well as toddlers. The changing pad is easy to clean too.

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Tickalish Diaper Bag Organizer – Stylish Baby Bag

Tickalish Diaper Bag Organizer - Stylish Baby BagThis Tickalish diaper bag is stylish, practical, durable, and versatile. It’s a bag that works well as a diaper bag and also travel bag. It organizes your baby’s gears neatly with its 12 pockets. The pair of exterior elasticized pockets on the front are huge and will easily fit a large bag of snacks or blanket. On the sides, you have an easy-access wipe pocket and a huge bottle pocket with cord clasp. The interior is equally impressive. The combination of pockets, large main compartment, and bright-colored lining help you store and organize your baby gears neatly and efficiently. The bag also includes an insulated bottle holder just in case you need to keep that formula warm a little while longer.

This bag is made of polyester, which is easy to wipe clean. The seams, closures, and hardware are excellent. Overall, the bag seems sturdy and should hold to daily use.  As for carry options go, you can use the short handles, long straps, or stroller hooks. 

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Stylish Insular Diaper Bags

Stylish Insular Diaper BagsThis is a trendy, practical, and comfortable diaper backpack for moms who do not wish to go with the Tote route. The problem with Totes is they will keep at least one of your hands occupied.  A backpack, on the other hand, lets both of your hands free. When you have kids that can’t stay still, you’ll appreciate those free hands a lot.

As a diaper backpack, it has enough number of pockets to keep your kids’ paraphernalia stored neatly. It’s a roomy diaper backpack but doesn’t look bulky. You also get a smaller clear vinyl bag to keep the soiled clothes, blankets, or bibs.

Since this is a backpack, you’ll notice immediately how easy it is on your back and shoulders. When you wear a Tote over your shoulder or across your body, the weight is focused on one side of your body. The two straps on this backpack distribute the weight equally on both shoulders, so you’re no longer prone to fatigue.

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Baby Multi-Purpose Stylish & Trendy Diaper Bag By CherishBags

Baby Multi-Purpose Stylish & Trendy Diaper Bag By CherishBagsOne of the things you’ll notice immediately about this bag when you see it for the first time is how huge it is. This bag is obviously made for moms with two kids or more. You have enough room to carry heaps of diapers, blankets, toys, snacks, bottles, spare clothes, and more. The interior zippered pocket securely keeps your personal items such as wallet and cell phone.

The combination of black, white, and brown makes this bag look more like a fashionable Tote instead of a baby bag. It’s a trendy diaper bag indeed. Once your children outgrow this diaper bag, you can keep using it as a stylish oversized purse. It looks good, and when you touch it, you’ll know how great the cotton canvas material is. It’s a lightweight and durable bag that will also serve well as a travel bag. A padded changing mat, stroller straps, plus an insulated bottle holder are included for your convenience. 

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New Stylish Mommy Diaper Bag

New Stylish Mommy Diaper BagWith vibrant colors and cute dot pattern, this stylish diaper bag grabs the attention of moms everywhere. It’s an excellent choice for moms who wish for a fashionable yet practical bag when going out with their children. This bag is spacious and able to hold all the essentials that your kids need.

You can carry this bag using the short handle or using the detachable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is wide, so it’s comfortable and won’t dig into your shoulder when the bag is full of baby stuff. You also get a pair of stroller hooks for when you need to hang the bag on the stroller and get the weight off your shoulder.

The included changing pad is enclosed in a smaller bag with matching style. This little bag is actually big enough for you to squeeze in a diaper and a small pocket of baby wipes. You can also use the small bag as a wet bag to store wet clothes or blankets; very practical.

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Bellotte Functional Stylish Baby Tote Diaper Bag

Bellotte Functional Stylish Baby Tote Diaper BagBellotte makes this bag to be both fashionable and practical enough for you to use it daily. It’s a nice-looking Tote that’s not too big nor too small. It doesn’t use fancy colors or prints, so the image that you get is that it’s a casually stylish bag.

This bag’s practicality starts with the material. It uses nylon fabric that’s easy to wipe clean. Spill and dirt are unavoidable when it comes to dealing with babies and toddlers, so ease of cleaning is a good thing to have.

Next, is the pockets. Bellotte gives you four pockets on the outside and eight on the inside. Plenty of arrangement options to keep that baby stuff neatly organized. A key fob on the inside keeps your keys readily available at all times. It sure beats rummaging pockets after pockets looking for them. The interior is lined with bright-colored material, so spotting the exact stuff that you need is made a lot easier.

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Michael Kors Jet Set Large Nylon Pocket Baby Diaper Bag

Michael Kors Jet Set Large Nylon Pocket Baby Diaper BagMichael Kor’s Jet Set Baby Bag is a classy and stylish bag for moms who wish for a fashionable diaper bag that looks clean and sophisticated at the same time. This baby bag works well with whatever outfit you prefer when you’re out and about with your kids. Take it as a work bag and no one in the office will notice that you also used it to keep bottles and soiled blankets the other day. The nylon fabric makes this bag easy to spot clean, which is a good thing in any moms’ book

The bag has exterior slip pockets that are excellent for keeping stuff that you need quick access to. There are four more slip pockets on one side of the interior plus a large elasticized pocket on the other side. The main compartment isn’t too spacious, so it will only fit one baby’s worth of paraphernalia.

This Tote bag can be carried over the shoulder and also cross body. A detachable shoulder strap is already included. Tuckable stroller straps are also available for secure stroller carry.

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Your Guide To Buying a Trendy Diaper Bag

What People Are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Large pockets. A large main compartment is nice, but pockets are also significant. Moms feel it’s easier to pack things up when they can divide which item goes where. Interior and exterior pockets are equally important. Of course, each pocket should be reasonably big enough for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Zippered closure. Many moms prefer zippered closure to any other alternatives because they secure the contents better. In case you topple the bag, the content won’t be spilled all over the place.
  • Stroller straps. Once in a while you just have to unload the weight off your shoulders and back. Stroller straps make it easy for you to hook up the bag on the back of the stroller. Built-in straps are better than detachable ones because you simply can’t lose those built-in straps. They’re always there whenever you need them.


Fashionable Diaper Bag – Useful Tips For Shoppers:

  • Is a diaper changing pad included? Yes, a changing pad is cheap, but it’s always nice to have one included with matching style as the bag itself. Pay attention to the label or manufacturer description. Is it sold separately or is it already included with the bag?
  • If you prefer cloth diapers, make sure the bag is big enough. Trying to pack half a dozen of cloth diapers and their shells into a small, or even a medium-sized, bag can be frustrating. A roomy interior with pockets that don’t eat that precious room is desirable.
  • Go for a bag that will still be useful once it’s no longer used as a diaper The styling must not scream “baby bag” to everyone around you. The size should also be reasonable enough for everyday carry or traveling. Too big and you’ll prefer to leave it at home. Too small and you’ll need to take a second bag or purse.
  • Look for bright-colored interior lining. Our eyes can spot things easier when things are laid against a contrasting Not all diaper-changing rooms are well-lit. When you’re unfortunate enough to come across a dimly-lit changing room, it’s going to be tough finding the things that you need if the interior lining is dark-colored.
  • Pay attention to dads. A fashionable bag that looks good on moms may not be so much on dads. For dads who want to be more involved, it may be quite disheartening to carry a floral-patterned bag with frills around the mall. You should consider purchasing a bag with unisex design or at least something that comes close to it if you want dad to help out carrying the bag.



So, which ones are your favorite stylish diaper bags? If you find it hard to pick one, you should focus on your own specific needs. For example, if you have two kids that still wear diapers then go for a large-sized bag. If you use a stroller a lot, then get a bag with built-in, non-detachable stroller hooks. Just weigh each feature based on their importance to you. You’ll find it easier to decide which bag to buy when you sort them that way.