For dads who love to get involved in their children’s life, spending a day outdoor with their kids is an enjoyable experience. To make things easier when you need to carry a load of diapers, change of clothes, milk, food, blanket, and everything else, dependable daddy diaper bags are essential. These bags come in various shape and sizes. However, the ones that you will often see geared towards men are in the form of messenger bags and backpacks. The reason is simple; it’s hard to design handbags that appeal to men. Manufacturers can remove the frills and put macho prints on them, but still, many dads won’t touch the bags with a ten-foot pole.

You should pay attention to more than just looks when you’re buying a diaper bag. Manly looks are important, but the material, size, carry options, and practicality are also important points to consider. You need to find the right balance of function and fashion. Too much focus on fashion and the function will fall apart.

So, if you’re in the market for the best diaper bags for dad, you just need to read the reviews below. We have hand-picked the top ten diaper bags for men that have received numerous positive reviews from dads everywhere.


Top Rated Diaper Bags For Dads


Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag for Dads

Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag for DadsDiaper Dude has made this super comfortable messenger diaper bag for dads like you. The strap is wide and adjustable. It doesn’t dig into your shoulder even when the bag is full. This messenger bag is designed so you can find and access everything without putting the bag down. The three front pockets are great to keep diapers, wipes, and daddy’s gears within arm’s reach.

This dad diaper bag comes with stroller clips so you can hang it easily on a stroller. The clips are attached to the bag, so there’s no risk of losing or forgetting to bring them along.

Mind you; the bag isn’t big enough for a long day trip, but for a quick trip to the park or mall, it’s just perfect. A diaper changing pad is also included, and you can slip it nicely into the large elasticized slip pocket on the back. To top it off, this bag is machine washable. Dump it into the washer and let the machine do the dirty work.

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DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

DadGear Backpack Diaper BagDads love diaper bags that don’t look like one. They also want something reliable and dependable for both short and long travel with their kids. This DadGear backpack fits those requirements really well. It looks just like an ordinary backpack. The materials and construction are top notch. It’s a bag that will last years in service. It’s low maintenance too. The bag is machine-washable, so you don’t need to clean it by hand when it gets dirty.

This bag opens wide just like a suitcase. DadGear calls it Clamshell Design, but the main idea is you can open the main compartment fully to quickly find what you’re looking for. The design also makes it easy to pack the baby stuff. Considering that this bag is big enough for keeping several kids’ worth of gears, the open-wide design helps a lot. The easy-access baby wipe pocket plus the diaper hammock makes diaper changing stress-free. The other 11 compartments also make organizing the rest of the baby gears easier. 

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Damero Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

Damero Travel Backpack Diaper BagThere isn’t a single hint that this Damero Travel Backpack is actually a diaper bag. Nevertheless, this is a fully functional diaper backpack that’s impressive in many ways. First, is the obviously durable construction. The nylon material is stain resistant with heavy stitching all over. The straps are well-padded, so the bag is comfortable to carry around.

Next, is the huge capacity. You can pack a mountain of baby stuff in the bag. It has two main compartments. The front compartment has three bottle holders, a pocket for tissues or baby wipes, and a huge mesh pocket. The other main compartment has plenty of slip and zippered pockets too.  Change of clothes, blankets, diapers, snacks, gadgets, and everything else you need to carry during your outdoor adventure with your kids will fit right in. It has that much space ready to use, and the bag will hold them well. The bag also comes with a changing mat. It looks basic, but it works well for changing on the go.

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Leke Diaper Bag for Dad

Leke Diaper Bag for DadThis is one of the biggest daddy diaper bags you’ll ever find on the market. The two main compartments are big enough to hold clothes, toys, food, formula, blankets, and your own gadgets like a tablet or even a laptop. With 18 pockets available, you won’t be running out of pockets to keep those baby gears separated nicely. These pockets are spread throughout the bag and well-placed, so the bag won’t feel bulky when it’s filled with all the stuff.

The LeKe diaper bag has unisex design and it’s ideal for both dads and moms. The look may seem plain to some people, but it actually looks modern and stylish.

With breathable padding on the back, this bag is comfortable to wear even on warm days. The padded top handle offers extra carry choice. The material used feels solid and sturdy. It’s a nice diaper bag for dads to take on daily outing with their babies and toddlers.

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Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack with Detachable Cooler

Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack with Detachable CoolerThe Bern backpack looks exactly like an ordinary laptop bag.  It’s the reason why dads love to carry this bag everywhere. It’s also the reason why the bag will still be usable once your children are over their diaper years. This bag has many pockets of different sizes. None of them is too small to be useful. The biggest one can even fit a 15-inches laptop. It also has organizational pockets to keep your baby stuff neatly as well as your own.

While most bags only have insulated pockets for one or two bottles, the insulated bottle holder on this Obersee bag fits up to three bottles. It’s detachable too, so you can leave it at home when you don’t need it. The straps and top handle are padded to provide comfortable carry options.

A padded changing mat is included with this backpack. It measures 23.5-inches x 14-inches. It gives your baby a large and comfy surface for diaper changing on the go.

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Yodo Upgraded Baby Diaper Backpack Bag for Dad

Yodo Upgraded Baby Diaper Backpack Bag for DadThis is an awesome diaper backpack from Yodo. It’s cute but not overly cute, so dads can still carry it without shame. The bag is made of polyester fabric on the outside and soft polyester on the inside. The main compartment is huge, and it has two zippers so you can open it from either side. This dad diaper bag comes with an extra-large changing pad, measuring 27-inches x 14.5-inches. It’s one of the largest changing pads that you can get on the market. While the bag is not machine-washable, it’s still easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth and you can wipe the dirty interior and exterior nicely.

Dads love the dedicated wipe dispenser on the side of the bag. You can grab a sheet without putting the bag down. Babies get messy all the time, and the quick wipe access makes it easy for you to keep your child clean all day long. On the other side of the bag, there’s an insulated pocket to keep milk or your own drink at desired temperature.

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Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functional Diaper Bag

Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functional Diaper BagThis tough-looking backpack from Becko is a great diaper bag for dads. Even the manliness of men won’t be embarrassed lugging this bag around. The toughness is more than just looks. The material and overall build quality are excellent. It’s also easy to wipe clean and durable.

As for functionality, this bag has you covered. Huge main compartment plus numerous pockets are available for you to organize your kids’ stuff neatly. On the exterior, you get an insulated pocket for keeping milk bottle, zippered pocket for diapers or change of clothes, a drinking bottle pocket on the side, and a zippered easy-access wipes pocket. On the interior, you have slip, zippered, and mesh pockets that are big enough to carry bottles, sippy cups, toys, blankets, and also your personal items.

This Becko diaper bag offers three different carry options; backpack, messenger, and handbag. The backpack is the most comfortable choice among the three. However, should you wish to carry it like a messenger or handbag, you can do it comfortably too.

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Evecase Lightweight Waterproof Baby Diaper Backpack

Evecase Lightweight Waterproof Baby Diaper BackpackSome diaper bags are heavy enough on its own before you put anything inside it. That will not be the case with this backpack from Evecase. It’s big but lightweight. The material used is waterproof, so you won’t ruin what’s inside the bag when you accidentally spill milk or drink over the bag. The waterproofing also helps when you’re outdoor and it suddenly starts raining. Wet spare clothes are pretty useless, right?

This backpack has ample of space. The main compartment is big, and you get loads of pockets in and out. Inside, you’ll find a zippered sleeve pocket for your personal items, a pair of mesh pockets on the side, another pair of mesh pockets on top and bottom, and then you also get a pair of insulated bottle pockets.

On a day out with the kids, you’ll find that the bag is comfortable to wear, and the material doesn’t scratch your skin. If you prefer to hang this on a stroller, you can use the detachable stroller straps.

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Ecosusi Travel Large Backpack Diaper Bag for Dad

Ecosusi Travel Large Backpack Diaper Bag for DadIf you do not like daddy diaper bags that look too plain, then you’re going to love this backpack from Ecosusi. It has good-looking prints that give the bag a little bit of stylish boost. The huge main compartment uses a pair of zippers, and the front flap opens fully so that you can put and get things easily. Even the two insulated pockets on the sides open wide. This design doesn’t not only improve accessibility, but it also makes it easier for you when it’s time to clean the interior. On the inside, you get three slip pockets plus one mesh pocket to keep things nice and tidy. On the back, there’s a zippered pocket for keeping your phone and wallet. Of course, you can also use the mesh pocket inside the front flap if you wish.

The bag has stroller hooks and top handle as extra carrying options. While the top handle is not padded, it’s robust and lets you carry the bag confidently. Since the bag is made of 100% Polyester, it’s so easy to wipe it clean with damp cloth.

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Multifunctional Diaper Shoulder Bag for Dads

Multifunctional Diaper Shoulder Bag for DadsDiaper bags for men are usually in the form of backpacks or messenger bags. This multifunctional diaper bag is of the latter. It looks more like a tactical messenger bag than a diaper bag, and very few people will guess that it’s holding diapers and other baby stuff.

The rugged design means this bag is the go-to bag for outdoor adventure with your kids. The size isn’t too big and works well as a carry-on when you’re traveling by plane. Mission Critical makes sure this bag comes as a versatile bag for modern dads. This bag is made to double as a work bag. It has pockets for your pens, business cards, name badge, and more. The slot for diaper bag is also usable as a tablet or laptop pocket.

Mission Critical design this bag with a MOLLE system so you can attach field pocket or any other MOLLE compatible gears that you may need during your travel. It’s a real treat when you need that extra carrying capacity

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Your Guide To Buying a Diaper Bag For Dads

What People Are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Dedicated wipe pocket is an amazing feature to have. Everybody knows babies are good at getting messy all over. With a dedicated wipe pocket, you can keep your baby fresh and clean without the hassle of putting down the diaper bag and digging through stuff just to get the wipes. For diaper backpacks, the dedicated wipe pocket is usually located on the side of the bag, but some manufacturer put it on the front. Arguably, the side pocket provides easier access, especially if you’re traveling alone with your baby.
  • Comfortable carry is a must. No dads enjoy carrying bags that hurt their shoulders and backs after just a couple of hours. Broad and padded straps are mandatory. For backpacks, the back portion should be made of breathable material to avoid excessive sweating during warm summer days.
  • Size does matters. Dads love roomy bags. It’s quite evident. When you’re out there with two kids, your bag needs to hold a lot of stuff; more so when you’re doing all-day activities or on a long trip to your parents’ house. Smaller bags still have their place, though. Parents with just one baby on the way don’t need the amount of space that extra-large bags have to offer.


Useful Tips For Shoppers:

  • For some daddy diaper bags, the stroller hooks are sold separately. That may be a turn off if you use the stroller a lot. However, backpacks and messenger bags are generally easy to hang on strollers using their long straps which make stroller hooks rather unimportant. That being said, it’s better to get a bag with built-in stroller hooks. That way you won’t lose or misplace the hooks every now and then.
  • Before you buy a bag, you may want to see if it’s built to last and if it’s fit to be repurposed as a work bag. It’s not rare for dads to pick a diaper bag based on how useful it will be when the children are no longer dependent on diapers. Many parents prefer diaper bags that can function as an ordinary travel or work bag. In fact, many dads and moms use their diaper backpacks as laptop backpacks during workdays and use them as diaper bags in the weekends.
  • Money-back guarantee is always nice to have. Brands such as Ecosusi offers 100% full refund if you receive a defective product or experience any problem with their products. For parents who are still unsure what they really want out of a diaper bag, such guarantee means they won’t need to waste money on a bag that they won’t use.
  • Is a changing pad included? While it seems like common sense to include a changing mat with a diaper bag, not all manufacturers do that. If you do not wish to buy a changing mat separately, make sure the bag’s description says that a changing pad is included. Sometimes, the image of the product shows the bag with a changing mat inserted in one of its pockets while, in truth, the changing mat is sold separately.



Okay then, those are the top ten best diaper bags for dads. Frankly, any one of those will make a great companion when you and your kids are out there enjoying the outdoors. As always, before you make a purchase, weigh down all the pros and cons of each bag. No bag is fit for everyone’s needs and wants. You just need to pick one that best suit your specific needs. By the way, it’s always a good idea to discuss it with mommy if you want her to be able to carry the diaper bag too.