Too many parents make rush purchases when it comes to diaper bags. They just grab the first one they see without so much as even reading a single review for it. That’s a sure way to waste your hard-earned money. There are also those who think a cheap Walmart bag will suffice as a diaper bag. Well, it may be so for some, but for many, that thing just won’t do.

There are many things that a good diaper bag must have, ample space and pockets are some of them. Moms who love to over pack are not rare. They love to fill the bag full to the brim. However, without sufficient pockets to organize everything in the bag, finding one little pacifier in a hurry will be a nightmare.

To help you avoid nonsensical diaper bag purchase, we have compiled over 30 of the best diaper bags under $50. Yes, we have more than thirty of awesome baby bags that you can buy for less than fifty bucks. This list proves that you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get a good-quality baby bag. A cheap baby bag can also do wonders.

We’ve picked 30+ most adorable & cheap diaper bags for you


Damero Large Diaper Tote Satchel Bag

Damero Large Diaper Tote Satchel BagThis baby bag is spacious and perfect for a long journey. The main compartment is expandable to give you 20% extra space. It’s an amazing feature when you need to bring two kids’ worth of essentials. It’s made of waterproof Nylon that’s easy to wipe clean. That’s a great thing when you’re dealing with babies along with their milk and snacks. This bag has great build quality and feels like it will last years of daily use.

With this bag, you get all the pockets that you’ll need to organize the stuff you kids need. The bag is only 13-inches tall so you won’t have to dig deep through the jumbled mess in the main compartment as you would do in other baby bags.  You can quickly grab whatever it is that you want.

There are seven elasticized pockets inside. One is insulated and perfect for keeping formula warm for a longer period. The exterior features four waterproofed pockets; two bottle pockets on the sides, one zippered pocket on the front, and another zippered pocket on the back. The front pocket is perfect for mommy’s items, such as wallet, keys, iPad, sunglasses, and so on.

With its unisex design, fathers won’t mind to carry it around in public. It hangs over the shoulder, but you can use the built-in stroller straps to hang it on the stroller. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap that you can use to wear it across the body. It stands up on its own once filled with stuff.

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Abonnyc Baby Diaper Bag

Abonnyc Baby Diaper BagThis sporty and masculine diaper backpack is definitely made with dads in mind. However, sporty moms will love carrying this too. It’s a lightweight backpack with huge capacity. When you need a diaper backpack that can carry a whole day’s worth of baby gears, this one will make a fine choice.

The Abonnyc travel backpack has six exterior pockets; two on the sides, three on the front, and one in the back. That means you can put everything you need quick access to there, and keep the main compartment only for the other baby essentials such as spare clothes, blanket, sippy cups, toys, and snacks.

All three front pockets are zippered. One of them includes a key fob where you can securely attach your keys and make sure you won’t lose them among the myriad of baby stuff you need to carry. The other front pocket fits diaper and wipes nicely. Diaper changing on the go will be a snap. The back zippered pocket fits the included changing mat nicely too.

There are seven more pockets inside the bag including a large slip pocket that should fit your iPad or laptop and a bottle pocket. Keeping things organized with this backpack is easy.

The shoulder straps are generously padded. They distribute the bag’s weight evenly and stay comfortable when you carry the bag for hours. The backpack design also frees both of your hands, and that’s crucial when your kids love to walk and run around.

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Bambini & Me Functional Diaper Bag

Bambini & Me Functional Diaper BagFor moms who are looking for a large-size messenger baby bag, this functional and stylish messenger is a brilliant choice. It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to carry diapers, so you can use it as a travel bag once your kids are done with diapers.

This bag is made from easy-to-clean fabric. Any dirt or spill can be wiped clean easily. The material feels durable, and the bag feels well-made as a whole. It comes with a matching changing pad that is big enough to be useful for diaper changing on the go. Wherever you are, you can be sure you have a sanitary and comfortable surface to change your baby’s diapers.

The bag measures 14.5-inches x 6-inches x 12.5-inches and has eight large pockets in and out. Outside there are two deep slip pockets on the front, one mesh pocket on the side, and a pocket with flap closure on the other side. The two front pockets are excellent for keeping diapers, wipes, and other diaper changing necessities. The side mesh pocket is big enough for a large bottle.

None of the pockets inside the bag is insulated. You may want to get a separate insulated bottle holder if that’s a problem for you.

This messenger has grab handles and also shoulder straps. The shoulder strap is wide and also padded. It makes the bag comfortable to wear. The strap is long enough for you to loop them over stroller handles when you need it.

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Bebamour Large Baby Diaper Bag

Bebamour Large Baby Diaper BagThis Diaper Tote has sweet pink flower prints. It’s cute enough for you to use it as a travel or work bag, and none will know that it’s actually a baby bag. The bag is made of soft Polyester material with excellent stitches. Not the kind that will come off just after a couple of use. The zippers are sturdy and quite bigger than the average zippers used in other bags. Opening and closing feel smooth without any snagging. You can definitely do it single-handedly.

The main compartment is huge with so many slip pockets of different sizes. There are two zippered pockets where you can put your personal items like wallet, keys, cards, and pen securely. All these pockets make it easy to organize stuff, so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

There’s also a dedicated bottle pocket inside. It’s insulated to keep milk and milk at their desired temperatures. The interior lining is made of easy-to-clean material. In case that milk or drink spills inside, you can easily wipe it clean before it ruins the fabric.

For those of you who prefer different carry options, you’ll be glad to know that this bag can be transformed into a backpack. The straps are not padded, but still comfortable to wear for long periods. Stroller attachments are also included. If you love carrying your child in a stroller, you can hook the bag on it, and take the load off your back.

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Becko Functional Travel Diaper Bag

Becko Functional Travel Diaper BagThis is a medium-sized bag that’s big enough for taking a baby’s worth of essentials that will last a whole day outing. The design looks simple yet lovely. The entire look shows that it’s just an ordinary travel bag. It doesn’t resemble a diaper bag at all. The design is gender neutral and not girly. Dads won’t have any problem carrying it. This bag also makes a great work or gym bag. You can pack your own change of clothes, drink bottle, and lunch in there.

Inside you’ll find an enormous main compartment combined with three mesh pockets, two slip pockets, and a zippered pocket to keep your valuables. Outside, there are two side pockets plus zippered front and back pockets. The front pocket has two smaller pockets inside it.

The bag comes with a separate insulated bottle holder and also a changing mat. The insulated bottle holder keeps milk bottles warm longer. Of course, you can also keep your cold drinks there. It will stay cold until it’s time for you to drink it. The changing mat is well-padded. It will give your baby a comfortable and sanitary surface when he needs a diaper change.  The changing mat’s size is rather small, so it may only be usable for the first couple of months.

You have two carry options with this bag; handles and shoulder strap. There aren’t any stroller straps included, but you can adjust the shoulder strap long enough to loop over the stroller handles.

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Bellotte Collection Tote Diaper Bag

Bellotte Collection Tote Diaper BagBellotte makes this cute Tote bag for moms who enjoy carrying a cute baby bag around the city. It’s beautiful and stylish bear prints make the bag quite eye catching. The bag feels smooth yet feels durable. It is made of safe material that’s free from Phthalate and BPA.

With 45 pounds of weight capacity, you can tell that this bag is a heavy duty one. You can pack it full with a whole day’s worth of baby essentials, and it will hold up just fine.

In total, this bag has a dozen pockets; four outside and eight more inside. There’s plenty of room inside to keep a stack of baby essentials like bottles, change of clothes, blankets, formula dispenser, and toys. Even then you still have room for mommy’s items like phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses. The interior has bright-colored lining, which makes it easier for you to find the things you keep in the bag.

A small PVC pouch is included. You can use it as a wet bag to keep dirty bibs or wet clothes after pool time. You also get a matching insulated bottle holder to keep warm milk bottle, thermos, or cold drinks. A changing pad is included too.

You can carry the bag over the shoulder or use the included stroller straps to hang it on the back of the stroller. The stroller straps are sturdy and will hold up well even when the bag is packed with stuff.

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Blooming Tots Diaper Bag

Blooming Tots Diaper BagThis is not the bag for moms who wish to be discreet. No ma’am, this bag will grab everyone’s attention with its vividly stunning colors. To make this bag, Blooming Tots uses sturdy and durable Polyester material with high-quality stitching. The hardware is top quality too. The zippers are smooth, easy to zip and unzip. The magnetic clasps are strong and don’t open randomly.

Moms who want a baby bag with plenty of pockets should really put this bag on their shortlist. You get 13 pockets in total. There’s a pocket for whatever it is you want to carry. Be it sippy cups, toys, phone, chapstick, bottles, diapers, wipes, blanket, shoes, or other baby gear you wish to bring along.

With four bottle pockets, this bag is ideal for moms with two kids in diapers. It’s certainly roomy enough for two kids’ worth of gears plus your own. The main compartment is shallow, so everything is easier to grab. It also stands on its own. It won’t fall and tumble everything you just packed into it. Moreover, this bag comes with a wet bag to keep soiled diapers. It’s a must have if you cloth diaper your babies. And since the material is easy to wipe clean you won’t have to sweat it when you get spills on the interior or the exterior.

Now, in case you dread carrying this bag when it’s full, chill. It has easy snap-on stroller straps so that you can put this on the stroller.

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Built Go-Go Diaper Tote

Built Go-Go Diaper ToteIf you need a durable and sturdy diaper Tote that isn’t too awkwardly big to carry daily, this Built Go Go Tote is the one you should buy. It has enough space to carry many baby essentials and enough pockets to keep them organized neatly.

It has two insulated bottle pocket on the outside to keep milk and your own drinks at ideal temperature for up to four hours. Most baby bags only have one insulated pocket, and many don’t even have one. A machine-washable changing pad is included. It’s soft, and your baby will be comfortable lying on it while getting a diaper changed.

This bag is made of Neoprene that’s stain-resistant and easy to clean. No need to fuss when you get spills on it. Neoprene is also a bit stretchy, so you get to pack more in the bag than you may think initially.  This bag is free from Vinyl, BPA, Phthalate, and PVC. It’s even tested for FDA food safety so if you want to bring some fruits as snacks, go ahead. You don’t need to keep them in a separate food container.

As far as looks go, this Tote will pass as a work or travel bag with ease. It looks sleek and doesn’t scream diaper bag at all. Since it packs quite a lot, you can bring your tablet or laptop along with your other necessities. This bag is comfortable to carry using the handles or using the adjustable shoulder strap

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Bumkins Grande Diaper Bag

Bumkins Grande Diaper BagThis is a simple, no frills diaper messenger bag that’s functional through and through. It’s not overly large, but you can still cram a ton of baby stuff in there. It may not be the most suitable choice for long trips, but for a quick afternoon stroll, it will do very well. It has enough pockets to organize all the things you carry. There’s a large slip pocket at the front where you can slip in the matching changing mat, diapers, and wipes. It makes diaper changing on the go swift and stress-free. The side pockets are big enough for large bottles.

This messenger bag is water resistant inside and outside, which makes cleaning a breeze. The included changing pad is water resistant too. That’s a splendid thing when you’re dealing with diapers and all.

You only have one carry option with this bag. It has a pair of non-adjustable shoulder strap. They’re not long enough for you to wear the bag across the body. Luckily, there are metal loops on the sides in case you want to hook a shoulder strap there. Those loops are also perfect for hanging keys or hooking stroller straps.

The bag keeps its shape and able to stand upright thanks to the sturdy foam lining. The interior lining is quite interesting. It’s bright-colored with Dr. Seuss prints all over. That bright interior color and the stiffness of the bag make it easier for you to pack and grab anything from it.

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Carter’s Zip Fashion Diaper Bag

Carter's Zip Fashion Diaper BagMany moms used this as their go to bag whenever they go out with their kids. Not just because it’s pretty, but also because it’s spacious and practical for daily use. It looks like a fashionable purse to the untrained eye, yet it has all the qualities of a top diaper bag.

First, is the front pocket that zips down to reveal a changing pad. You can conveniently change your kids’ diapers wherever, even when there are no restrooms in sight. The changing pad is attached to the bag using Velcro. It’s easily removable for more thorough cleaning. There’s also a transparent pouch that serves as a wet bag. It’s perfect to keep wet clothes and soiled bibs separated from other stuff you have in the bag.

While the bag only has eight pockets, each and every one of them is carefully designed to maximize their functions. The interior has two slip pockets, two mesh pockets, and one zippered pocket to hold your personal items. The two side pockets on the outside are perfect to keep bottles, blankets, wipes, tissues, and other things that are frequently used.

The main compartment is huge and has a flat bottom. It’s easy to pack stacks of diapers, clothes, shoes, and other paraphernalia for two kids. It has that much room. The bright interior lining is helpful when you need to quickly find and grab something from the bag. This lining, as well as the rest of the bag, is easy to wipe clean.

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Cateep Baby Diaper Bag

Cateep Baby Diaper BagThis cute travel diaper backpack is an excellent choice when you need both of your hands-free for doing other tasks. But that’s not the only reason why you should get this backpack. This is a well made and durable backpack that will last more than your children’s diapering years. It’s also comfortable to wear for hours thanks to the padded straps and back. It also has stroller straps when you need to get the load off your shoulders during long walks.

This bag has big zippered pockets all over. Zippers slide smoothly without snagging or snapping. They seem durable and will last a long time. The main compartment is huge and has a divider. This way you can keep each kid’s stuff organized neatly, and you’ll find what you want quicker too.

Conveniently, one side of the bag has wipes dispenser. This dispenser makes it easy to grab a sheet or two to wipe clean the baby’s mouth and hand. The other side of the bag has an insulated bottle pocket that will fit large milk bottles.

This bag also has two waterproof pockets. One is located in the front. It’s for keeping wet towel and clothes after a fun time at the beach or pool. The other is located at the bottom. It’s for keeping a wet umbrella and soiled diapers. It’s a nice feature if you cloth diaper your kids. You can keep the wet and soiled diapers separated from the rest of the bag’s content.

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CheekyTummy Baby Diaper Changing Bag

CheekyTummy Baby Diaper Changing BagThis is a cute and stylish Tote diaper bag with adorable prints. It’s beautiful and perfect for daily use when you’re out and about with your baby. It’s design works well for baby boy and girl. The size is big enough for twins, or a baby plus toddler. You can pack all their things with room to spare for your own. It also has many pockets to keep stuff organized.

There are seven pockets inside and two more outside. Those outside pockets are great to keep tissues, wipes, and just about anything that you need frequent access to. A key fob is attached to the interior so you can always grab those keys quickly when you’re in a hurry.

The interior pockets are comprised of zippered and slip pockets. You can keep your personal belongings like keys and wallet in those zippered pockets. The insulated bottle pockets can keep the milk fresh for longer period.

To help you with diaper changing on the go, a matching foldable changing pad. The size is adequate, and it’s usable for when you can’t find a decent clean surface to change your baby’s diapers.

This Tote baby bag is made to last. CheekyTummy is so confident of the quality of this bag; they give you a superb money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with this bag, you can ask for a refund. That’s a sweet deal especially for first time parents who are unsure about what they want from a diaper bag.

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Columbia Outfitter Messenger Diaper Bag

Columbia Outfitter Messenger Diaper BagThis lightweight messenger bag makes a perfect diaper bag for dads. Yes, with its gender neutral and straightforward design, this will pass as just another messenger bag that dads bring to their workplace.

Make no mistake, people. This is indeed a practical and functional baby bag. It has many pockets to put pacifier, bottles, diapers, wipes, toys, sunglasses, sunblock, and more. You won’t be running out of pockets anytime soon with this bag. The insulated bottle pocket on the side comfortably fits two bottles. There’s a special compartment for the changing mat too.

The included changing mat has anti-bacterial lining. It also has pockets, so you take along diapers and wipes to the restroom when you need to change your kid’s diaper. It’s a bit thin, though. You may want to put a blanket underneath when you use it.

Not many baby bags have an expandable main compartment like the Columbia Outfitter. This handy feature increases its already spacious interior to accommodate even more stuff when you’re planning a whole weekend getaway with your children. The comfortable shoulder strap with anti-slip pad makes sure the bag won’t accidentally slip off when you’re carrying it

Another distinctive feature this bag has is the closure. It uses a combination of zipper, flap, and Velcro to close the main compartment. This may seem redundant, but it ensures the bag’s content is nicely secured. Sometimes, you don’t even need the zipper. The flap and Velcro do a good job on their own.

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Athena Quilted Navy Nappy Bag

Athena Quilted Navy Nappy BagMoms who are still looking for a stylish quilted diaper bag should look no further. This nautical anchor theme diaper bag is one exceptional candidate that you should consider. This bag measures 12-inches x 12-inches x 5-inches. It’s a small-sized bag that’s splendid for short trips around the city.  With this bag, you can go light while still having all baby essentials with you.

The bag is made of high-quality cotton fabric that feels soft to the touch. The quilted material gives that high-end impression you often get from designer handbags. It’s pretty enough to be used as regular Tote once your children are over their diapers.

There are three slip pockets on the front for tissues, wipes, pacifier, and other quick-access stuff. There are more small pockets inside to organize any small baby items that you need to carry. Moms get their own zippered purse. It’s a matching style purse that moms can use to keep wallet, makeup, chapstick, phone, keys, and other small items.

There’s a changing mat already included. It’s a small one, so it’s only usable for a month or two. For bigger babies, you should get a separate changing mat or use a muslin blanket as a makeshift one. The bag’s unisex design means it will go well with baby boy or girl. That’s a great point when you’re buying this for a baby shower gift. Gender-neutral baby bag makes an excellent gift every time.

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Diaper Bag by Daulia

Diaper Bag by DauliaThis Daulia baby bag is both stylish and lightweight. The print is only gray and white stripes but it looks beautiful and cute. This color combination is pretty much gender neutral. Doesn’t matter if you have a baby boy or girl. This bag will fit both sexes just fine.

This bag folds flat for easy storage. It doesn’t take much space in the drawer when you need to put it away for a while. Unfolded, you can see that this bag is quite big. It has seven pockets in total. There are three interior pockets. The large zippered pocket is perfect for keeping your wallet and phone. The two elasticized pockets can fit large milk bottles easily.

Outside, there are two large slip pockets on the front part for diapers, wipes, or bottles. They’ll be readily accessible anytime, anywhere.  On the sides, there are two zippered pockets for keys, snacks, pacifier, or tissues. These two pockets have vertical zippers, which is unique.

A matching-style changing mat is already included. It’s sturdy, well-padded, and should be usable for diaper changing on the go.

This Tote baby bag has faux leather handles, so you carry it like an ordinary purse. The same material is used at the bottom to provide better support and also prevent the bottom from getting stained too easily.  There are also stroller straps to hook this bag to a stroller plus an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. It’s not padded, but it still okay for cross-body carry.

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Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion Diaper Tote

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion Diaper ToteSometimes a good amount of exterior pockets is all you need from a nappy bag, but sadly not all baby bags come with well-designed exterior pockets. It’s a good thing there’s something like this Fisher Price Fastfinder.

There are three pockets on the front part of the bag, and they are just wonderful. The two flap pockets are excellent for keeping quick access items like diapers, tissue, keys, or your phone. There’s also the large zippered pocket where you can slip in your iPad. The dedicated wipe pocket on the side is just convenient. It’s so easy to grab a sheet or two to clean your child’s face. On the other side, there’s a zippered insulated pocket that’s big enough to hold two bottles. You’ll find yourself rarely need to open the main compartment.

The main compartment has a broad bottom, so moms can pack stuff easier. However, you need to keep in mind that this isn’t a large-sized bag. It’s more on the medium range. It will be tough packing for two with this bag. For just one baby, though, it’s more than okay. It’s superb.

The Fastfinder has good build quality overall. This should hold quite a while. The gender-neutral design means dads won’t mind carrying it. The exterior color is definitely not girly in any way. You only have one carry option, though. You only have a non-adjustable strap to carry it over the shoulder. No adjustable strap or stroller hooks too.

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Gadikat Diaper Bag Organizer

Gadikat Diaper Bag OrganizerMoms love these organizers. It’s a collection of five pouches held together with a ring. It’s very versatile. You can easily put things in separate pockets. For instance, you can set one to hold all diaper-changing necessities. That way, you only need to carry one small pouch instead of the whole lot when you take your baby to the restroom.

Of course, you don’t have to bring all five of them at once. You can use the strap if you only wish to carry one or hook it to your stroller. Their slim and portable design give a nice alternative for keeping all those baby stuff organized when you’re out and about with your children. Each bag also has enough space to keep plenty of baby essentials.

Four of the pouches are mesh pouches. Even without any labeling, you will always know what’s inside each one, so you’ll never mix them up. The last pouch is a wet/dry pouch. It’s meant as a wet bag where you can put dirty or wet clothes or bibs.

These organizers work well on their own or in combination with a large diaper bag that doesn’t have enough pockets for any meaningful organization. If you have such a bag, then buying the Gadikat organizer will be a splendid move.

Since these pouches look fashionable, you can also use them for various purposes. Yes, they’re not only good for keeping diapers and such. These also make great organizers for your knitting supplies or makeup.

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Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Diaper Bag

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Diaper BagWhen you hear the word Gotham, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably Batman. Well, the only thing this diaper backpack share with Batman is the black exterior color. It makes this bag a great choice for dads. The design obviously gravitates to the manlier spectrum, but moms won’t find themselves awkward carrying this backpack.

The Graco Gotham backpack has two main compartments with two large pockets each. You can pack a lot of stuff in there. Diapers, clothes, changing pad, formula dispenser, phone, wallet, iPad, and everything else can fit right in and neatly organized. The interior has water resistant lining that’s easy to clean. While the bag doesn’t open fully like a briefcase, it does open really wide. You can pack and find things quickly.

Outside, there’s an insulated bottle pocket can take two bottles at once. You can prepare two formula bottles at home, and they’ll stay warm for hours. You also have a wipe dispenser, which is a neat feature when your child is super active.

The straps are generously padded and comfortable. They don’t scratch your skin, and you can wear the backpack for hours without any issues. Of course, the best thing about these back straps is that both of your hands are free. Every mom and dad know how great it is to have both hands free to chase down hyper toddlers. It’s great even for the non-hyper ones.

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Jeep Perfect Pockets Duffle Diaper Bag

Jeep Perfect Pockets Duffle Diaper BagThis Jeep duffle bag is a nice choice for long trips. This cheap diaper bag has a roomy interior, so if you’re traveling with two kids, you can put all of their necessities using just this one bag. It’s a tight fit for two, but it’s still doable if you take advantage of the pockets to organize the stuff.

This bag has a spacious front zippered pocket. There’s also a smaller zippered pocket right in front of the large one. It’s the perfect place to keep your personal stuff nicely separated from your kids’. The large zippered pocket can be used to keep diapers, blankets, diaper changing pad, bottles, and more. It’s that spacious.

A wipe pocket with wipe dispenser is conveniently placed on the side. You’ll always have easy access to wipes to clean your children’s face and hand. You will never end up with dry wipes if you use the wipe dispenser instead of placing a package of wipes directly into the pocket.

This bag has sturdy handles for you to carry it like ordinary luggage. It also has an adjustable and padded shoulder strap for you to carry it conveniently on your shoulder. The bag has a plain design with no sign of cuteness, so this is more appealing to dads instead of moms.

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JJ Cole Camber Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Camber Diaper BagThis stylish and cute nappy bag from JJ Cole is an excellent choice for new moms as well as moms with two children still in diapers. This bag has two zippered front pockets, two exterior side pockets, plus four pockets on the inside. It also comes with a changing mat. At a quick glance, it may look huge. In reality, this is more of a medium-sized bag.

With nine different colors and prints, you can always get one that matches your personal style and taste. Chic, cute, or both, the JJ Cole Camber baby bag has them all. Its stunning design makes it look more like a designer handbag instead of a diaper bag. That’s a fabulous thing for moms who do not want to give up style when they’re out and about with their kids.

The bag has non-adjustable shoulder straps. Thankfully it’s long enough for a comfortable shoulder carry. The strap feels soft, and it doesn’t scratch your skin.

Overall, the bag feels durable. It’s made of quality material with quality stitches on the bag and straps. The material feels soft but easy to wipe clean. The bag has studs at the bottom to keep it off dirt when you put it down. It’s obvious that this is a bag made for daily use instead of just once a week. It will last way longer than your children’s diapering years. Its durability has been proven over and over again by moms like you.

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Mariego Travel Diaper Backpack Bag

Mariego Travel Diaper Backpack BagOne thing you definitely can say about this backpack is that it’s super cute. It makes you stand out in the crowd without you even trying. Mariego makes this backpack in six different colors and prints. All of them are pretty, and the material used is excellent. It may not be machine-washable, but it’s still easy to wipe clean.

This backpack is great for carry-on when you travel by plane with your kids. Traveling by air is so much easier when both of your hands are free to juggle between the luggage, kids, and thousand other things. The back and the straps are generously padded. The mesh fabric on the straps is really soft so that it won’t scratch your skin. If you enjoy wearing sleeveless shirt on summer days, this bag will still be very comfortable to carry.

The bag has two main compartments. The first has three small pockets, while the second has a combination of small and large pockets. The biggest one easily fits your laptop. You can get some work done while traveling with your family. Diapers, extra clothes, bottles, formula dispenser, sand snacks fit nicely in the main compartments.

The exterior side pockets are large and ideal for bottles. Those mesh pockets are strong, so you don’t have to worry about stuffing them with large drinking bottle. On the very front there’s a hidden pocket with vertical zipper. It’s perfect for quick access items like your phone or keys.

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Laiya Baby Products Diaper Bag

Laiya Baby Products Diaper BagIf space is your primary concern, then this cute baby bag from Laiya is the one for you. It’s not just big; it’s humongous. It’s an extra-large bag meant for moms who need something spacious to pack two kids’ worth of stuff. It has that much room plus more for your own personal things. Weekend trips with your children are made easier if you have this one bag to bring all of their necessities. It’s super large size also makes this bag a great baby shower gift for moms of twins. They’ll totally appreciate having such a large bag as this one.

On the exterior, you’ll find four large pockets. All quick-access items can go there without a fuss. Diapers, wipes, tissues, pacifiers, bottles, phone, wallet, and keys can be organized neatly between those four pockets. The bag’s exterior is waterproof and easy to wipe clean. Use a damp cloth plus soap to get rid of any dirt or stain.

The main compartment has zipper closure to ensure every little thing stays secure. Inside the main compartment, you’ll find several smaller pockets to organize the small stuff like pacifier and snacks. There are no insulated pockets, though. You’ll need to buy a separate insulated bottle holder if that’s an issue.

This bag has three carrying options; carry it like a Tote, hang over the shoulder, and crossbody. There are also stroller loops included for you to hang it on the stroller should you need it.

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MG Collection Jungle Animals Travel Baby Bag

MG Collection Jungle Animals Travel Baby BagFrom the heap of diaper bags under $50, this is the one that scream diaper bag.  There’s a word “Baby” monogrammed on the front, and you just can’t hide it. Well, frankly its cute design and prints will give it away sooner than the word. Those cute animal prints are clear marks of a baby bag.

This cute bag is a medium-sized one. It’s big enough for taking one child’s worth of necessities for whole day outing, but certainly not for two. The main compartment has one zippered pocket, one slip pocket, and two elasticized bottle pockets. The exterior has two flap pockets on the front, two slip pockets on the sides, and one slip pocket with Velcro on the back. A foldable diaper changing mat is included and you can slip it nicely on the back pocket.

A bag with bright-colored exterior may raise some concerns. We all know how easy it is for such bag to get dirty. However, this bag is easy to clean. The material may not seem like it’s the best, but this is one sturdy bag. With minimal care, it should last quite a while.

You only have two carrying options with this bag. You can use the top handles or the adjustable shoulder strap. They’re good enough for daily use.

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Mom Miya 5-in-1 Multifunction Large Capacity Nappy Bag

Mom Miya 5-in-1 Multifunction Large Capacity Nappy BagMom Miya is a complete package of a large baby bag, small baby bag, food bag, insulated bottle holder, and diaper changing pad. Not bad, huh? Well, it’s more than just “not bad”. This Mom Miya 5-in-1 is a remarkable product for its price.

Yes, you usually can’t expect much from a cheap diaper bag, but this one is different. Having both a large and small bag means you can leave that big one in the car and only take the frequently-used items in the small bag with you. And if you’re taking a walk on a sunny morning, you can put all the snacks in the small food bag. The food bag is insulated, so warm or cold snacks will remain at their desirable temperature until you’re ready to eat them. The bottle holder is insulated too so that you can prepare warm milk at home and keep it warm for hours.

The large bag has double zipper closure. This design allows easy opening and closing with one hand. It also makes the bag open wide, so you can pack and grab things quicker. It lacks interior pockets, but you can still organize the baby stuff in the exterior pockets.

This bag comes in dark blue, brown, and pink. They are all gorgeous, but if you’re buying this as a gift and you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, go with the dark blue or brown. They’re gender neutral and make safe baby shower gifts.

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NimNik Baby Premium Diaper Tote Bag

NimNik Baby Premium Diaper Tote BagThis Tote bag from NimNik features timeless Chevron pattern. It’s a gender-neutral design that fits both baby girls and baby boys. The design also fits all kinds of moms’ choice of apparel. This will make a beautiful go-to bag for whatever outdoor occasion you and your child need to attend. This thing has lots and lots of space.

The bag is huge, and huge pockets surround it on the outside. There are five of such pockets in total. Each of them is deep and able to hold many baby stuff easily. For quick diaper changing on the go, you can load them up with diapers, wipes, rash cream, and tissues. You won’t even need to open the main compartment for it. The included changing mat is pretty big too. It should be usable in providing a clean and sanitary surface for your baby to lie on during diaper changing for months to come.

You can find five more pockets inside. There are two elasticized pockets for bottles, one zippered pocket, one huge slip pocket, and one wet bag attached to the bag’s interior. The massive slip pocket will fit your iPad or even your laptop. The wet bag is a nice touch too. When you’re kids are done playing in the pool you can place their wet clothes there. That bag is also excellent for keeping soiled bibs or any dirty items that should be kept separate from the rest of the stuff.

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RLB X-Large Multi-Purpose Travel Diaper Backpack

RLB X-Large Multi-Purpose Travel Diaper BackpackDads who wish to be more involved in their children’s life will be thrilled with this backpack. It’s such a cute diaper backpack that have no resemblance to one. It just looks like an oversized travel backpack from any angle. There isn’t a single clue or hint that tells people that this is supposed to hold a plethora of baby gears in it.

Don’t let its outside appearance fool you. This is a full-fledged diaper backpack through and through. Have a look at those exterior pockets. You can load them up with tons of baby stuff. Same thing with the main compartment and interior pockets. Even if you have twins or a baby plus a toddler, this bag can hold all their necessities when you’re leaving for an extended trip. You can pack plenty of extra clothes, diapers, wipes, and bottles. This bag has two insulated bottle pockets, so you can have warm milk ready when you’re on the road and doesn’t have the time to prepare one.

This bag is solidly built too. There are plenty of diaper bags under $50 that looks like it’ll break apart after a couple of uses. This is not one of them. It’s true that it may not be comparable with the more costly diaper backpacks, but for its price range, this travel backpack is a real bargain.

All in all, this is a great backpack for parents who tend to over pack or have two or more little kids.

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Swift Changing Station Diaper Bag

Swift Changing Station Diaper BagTaking an infant for some quality time outdoors can be challenging. You know you’re going to do a lot of diaper changing, so you end up choosing to stay at home instead. Well, if you get this Swift Changing Station Diaper bag, you won’t need to worry about such issue. This bag is ideal for parents whose babies need frequent diaper changing regardless of where they are.

The Swift has foldable changing pad hiding behind the front flap. This bag is made of safe material, free from BPA and Phthalate, so you can feel safe when you lay down your baby for the diaper change.

Unfold the cushioned changing pad to reveal the mesh pockets that you can use to keep diapers, wipes, tissues, baby powder, and rash cream. Everything you need for a quick diaper changing on the go is right there within arms’ reach. No need to jumble all other things you have in the bag. The content of the mesh pockets is still accessible even when the bag is closed using the vertical zippers on the sides. That’s just so convenient.

This bag is not a one trick pony, though. It’s attention to functionality goes beyond diaper changing. In addition to the two mesh pockets mentioned above, you have eight more pockets to put other important baby gears and also yours. You also get a pair of stroller straps to hang this bag on the stroller when you don’t want to use the adjustable shoulder strap.

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Sleeping Lamb Diaper Bag with Changing Pad

Sleeping Lamb Diaper Bag with Changing PadSleeping Lamb doesn’t make many diaper bags, but the ones they make are pretty good. This diaper backpack is one of them. It looks pretty despite its simplistic polka dot design. Both the navy dot and the tan dot are beautiful. You will get many compliments when you’re walking around wearing this even though those who compliment you are probably clueless that this is actually a diaper backpack.

The Sleeping Lamb travel diaper backpack is a fashionable and girly backpack with many add-ons. You get one large backpack, two accessory purses, one insulated bottle holder, and one changing mat. The accessory purses are ideal for your personal items. No need to carry an extra purse when you’re going out with the kids.

The amount of space the large backpack has is more than sufficient. It has two main compartments instead of just one. The front main compartment has a special pocket for tissues or wipes and three bottle pockets.  The back compartment has large mesh and slip pockets. Those pockets are great for iPad, magazine, or books.

How this bag opens wide is a big thumb up. Open the zipper all the way and the backpack sits upright. It makes packing and unpacking a snap. This is a feature that’s quite rare to find in diaper backpacks.

The padded back and shoulder straps are nice and comfortable. The straps distribute the bag’s weight evenly, so you’re less prone to fatigue when you need to carry the backpack for hours.

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SoHo Collection, Grand Central Station 7 pieces Diaper Bag set

SoHo Collection Grand Central Station 7 pieces Diaper Bag setIf 5-in-1 sets of diaper bags don’t sound impressive to you, then you may want to give this 7-in-1 diaper bag a shot. Here are what you get: one large Tote, one small purse, two accessories cases, one insulated bottle bag, diaper changing mat, and a pair of stroller attachments.

The large bag is spacious, and you get to load it will a lot of stuff your baby needs. It has plenty of pockets inside and outside, so organizing all those baby gears neatly is effortless. You can use the small purse for diaper, wipes, and the changing mat. That way you don’t have to carry the whole bag when you want to change your baby’s diaper in the restroom. It’s also convenient when only need to make quick trips to the grocery store. The accessories cases come in handy for keeping small things that you don’t want to lose inside the large bag. One of the cases has mesh exterior, so you will always know what’s inside.

Yes, falling in love with this bag is just too easy. It has so many positive points. Other than the add-ons, the material used is not bad too. It’s easy to wipe clean so you can use it daily without worrying if it’ll get too dirty. The patterns and colors are lovely and fashionable. Once your kids are off their diapers, you can use the large bag as your travel bag.

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Trend Lab Gray and White Chevron Deluxe Duffle Diaper Bag

Trend Lab Gray and White Chevron Deluxe Duffle Diaper BagThis fashionable duffle diaper bag is made of Polyester with Nylon lining. It makes the bag’s exterior and interior easy to clean. When you have dirt or spills, you can wipe them with a damp cloth. The gray and white chevron pattern is always in style and goes well with casual or semi-formal apparel.

You have three carrying options with this bag; carry it like a Tote, hang on your shoulders, or hang on the stroller using the removable stroller straps. The shoulder strap has minimal padding, but it’s still comfortable on your shoulder.

The interior features one zippered pocket plus three slip pockets on each side, giving you seven in total. The exterior has two elasticized side pockets and two zippered pockets on the front. With those pockets, organizing all your baby’s stuff neatly is simple.

There’s also a zippered plastic pouch included. This will come in handy to keep wet clothes when you’re done playing at the pool or beach. You can also use it in case there’s a leaky diaper accident and you need to keep that soiled pants separated from everything else. This bag doesn’t have any insulated thermal pocket, so you need to get that separately if you need it.

A diaper changing mat is already included. It’s thin but works well to give your baby a clean surface during nappy change. You may want to put a sheet of blanket underneath if you want to make it more comfortable for your little one.

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Diaper Bag – Shoulder and Stroller Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag - Shoulder and Stroller Diaper BagThis bag is just marvelous. It’s a cheap diaper bag diaper bag that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It’s a medium-sized bag that’s lightweight and doesn’t get bulky once you put everything in. That being said, it still has plenty of space for holding a variety of stuff for two babies plus your own.

You’ll be glad to know that this bag is made of waterproof material. Having a waterproof diaper bag is a huge convenience considering how messy babies can be. The whole bag feels sturdy and well-made.

The bag has a spacious main compartment with multitude of pockets to help you organize everything you need. There are four broad elasticized pockets inside to put diapers, wipes, baby toys, tissue, and pacifier. Those pockets are big enough for cloth diapers.

Outside, there are two elasticized bottles pockets on the sides, two slip pockets on the front, and one large zippered pocket. That large zippered pocket fits iPad, book, magazine, or binders. There’s also a slip pocket on the back where you can slip in the changing mat.

In addition, you also get an insulated bottle bag and a small pouch where you can keep your makeup, phone, wallet, keys, card, and everything else you need to take when you’re out and about with your children.

This bag is very comfortable to carry especially when you use the shoulder strap. The built-in stroller hooks make the transition from shoulder to stroller quick and easy.

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Wallaroo Diaper Bag Backpack

Wallaroo Diaper Bag BackpackIf you care about freeing up your hands to handle everything your toddlers can throw at you, then buying a diaper backpack is a logical decision. The back straps will stay out of the way when you’re chasing your kids, fixing the car seat, or carrying the groceries. Since we’re talking about diaper bags under $50 here, then this backpack from Wallaroo is one offer you shouldn’t miss. Its shoulder straps are comfortable, and the top handle makes a quick grab and go.

With its quilted design, this backpack looks chic and stylish. The design is somewhat gender-neutral, so dads shouldn’t make a fuss when carrying it. The included diaper changing pad is very girly, though. It’s weird, but not a deal breaker. The changing mat and waterproof wet bag aren’t overly small like the ones included in many other baby bags. They will serve their purpose well.

The interior is separated into two large compartments. If you have two kids, you can keep their stuff nicely separated.

The bag’s boxy construction is great for maximizing usable space and keeping it stable when you put it down. It has ample space both inside and outside. There are two open pockets on sides for quick access to drinking bottles, sippy cups, and toys. The three front pockets are more than sufficient for holding your personal items and other quick-access baby stuff like tissues, wipes, hand sanitizer, or pacifier. These two pockets are insulated, so they’re perfect for keeping snacks too.

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Yodo Baby Diaper Backpack Bag

Yodo Baby Diaper Backpack BagThe Yodo diaper backpack looks small at first, but it has plenty of space. The main compartment is roomy and has four elasticized pockets for holding sippy cups, diapers, toys, blanket, and more. The bright-colored interior lining helps in finding stuff easier under low light conditions.

Five pockets are available on the exterior. On the front, there’s a long zippered pocket and one huge pocket with flap closure. There’s a zippered pocket on the flap which is good enough for holding small items. On one side of the bag, there’s a large insulated bottle pocket and a quick-access wipe pocket on the other. This feature is indispensable when you love to take your children outside. You can quickly grab a sheet to clean your baby’s mouth, hand, and also to swiftly clean the bag from any spills or dirt.

Behind the wipe pocket, there’s a vertical zipper that opens another large pocket where you can put the included changing mat. The changing mat is large, padded, and usable for diaper changing on the go.

With padded back and straps, this backpack is comfortable to carry all day long. The length is adjustable to fit various body sizes. This bag is sturdy, so you can pack everything knowing fully that this bag will hold up just fine. The material used is high quality and easy to wipe clean.

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YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel BackpackPeople who are looking for a cheap diaper bag, don’t actually want to settle with a cheap quality bag. What they want is a good-quality bag with a reasonable price tag.

The YuHan travel diaper backpack has the design, material, and practicality of good quality backpack sans the high price tag. The design is simple yet cute and appealing to the eyes. This backpack doesn’t scream diaper bag at all. Naturally, people may mistake it as an ordinary travel backpack when you carry it around in the city or airport.

The bag is solidly built with good material, stitching, and hardware. The padded straps make it comfortable to carry too. You can wear it for hours while having both of your hands-free to do numerous other tasks. When you’re carrying your child using a stroller, you can also hang the bag on the handles using the stroller straps.

This bag has a roomy main compartment with equally large front pocket. The front pocket opens flat to reveal three tall bottle pockets, one zippered pocket, and a large mesh pocket. You can fit a book or iPad on that mesh pocket. The bottle pockets are insulated. Additionally, the bottle pocket on the side is also insulated. It’s pretty big too. You can fit in a large sippy cups, and the zipper will close without a hick.  The other side of the bag features a wipe pocket with magnetic flap closure. It’s neat.

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Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Diaper Tote Bag

Planet Wise Hanging Wet Dry Diaper Tote BagIf you cloth diaper your kids, then getting a dependable wet/dry diaper bag is a must. This bag from Tote wise is clearly a good choice. It’s 16-inches wide and 27-inches tall. It will easily hold twenty diapers, and the zipper will still close shut.

You can be confident that there will be no leak when you use this bag. The lining is totally waterproof. Anything you put on the dry part will stay dry, and your baby’s room won’t smell like soiled diapers even when it’s full of them. The lining is not sewn to the bottom, so it has less chance of leaking there.

The fabric is high quality, and the prints are quite pretty. The bag is available in two prints; Aim Twill and Overboard Twill. Both designs are cute, yet remain gender neutral. The straps are basic, but the stitching is excellent and should have no problem holding the straps when you leave it hanging on the door most of the times.

Price-wise, this is an excellent wet/dry diaper bag for the money. It has no frills and very functional. It will serve its purpose throughout your child’s diapering years without any problem.

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Hoxis Multifunction Nappy Bag

Hoxis Multifunction Nappy BagMoms and dads love this bag for various reasons. First, it’s made of durable yet lightweight material. This means the bag isn’t heavy to begin with, and you can pack a ton without it getting bulky and unmanageable. When it’s full, it’s still easy to carry even by petite moms

The design is cute too but not overly girly. Yes, there are dads who don’t even mind carrying this bag in pink.

The three different carrying options are also noteworthy. You can carry it using the top handle for a quick grab and go, use the long shoulder strap to carry it like a Tote or Messenger bag, or wear it on your back like a backpack. These options are terrific when moms and dads have different carrying preferences. And when no one feels like carrying the bag there are always the trusty Clip-on stroller straps to help you attach the bag to the stroller.

Another thing moms and dads love is the compartment. This bag may look smallish, but it has a roomy interior with ten pockets spread out to help with organizing the many baby essentials you want to take with you. There are six pockets inside. One large slip pocket for your tablet or laptop, one large zippered pocket, and four elasticized pockets.  Outside, there are two small pockets on the front for small items like keys or pacifier, plus two zippered side pockets.

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Orgrimmar Diaper Tote Bags

Orgrimmar Diaper Tote BagsA fabulous bag for fabulous moms like you that is what this bag all about. The Orgrimarr baby bag is a fashionable diaper backpack for moms who are not afraid to express themselves. The colors and prints stand out a lot. This bag is like a compliment magnet.

The bag’s made of durable Nylon, so it will hold up well to daily use. It has water-resistant interior lining and easy to wipe clean. It’s not machine washable, though, so it’s better to stick with a damp cloth for cleaning to avoid any undesirable effects.

You can fill the main compartment with a ton of baby necessities. It has ample space and four pockets to help you organize the diapers, extra clothes, wipes, snacks, formula bottle, and everything else.

The insulated side pocket on the exterior is a big one. You can fit two bottles snugly in it. The opposite side has another pocket filled with two mesh pockets and a key fob where you can put your personal items. The key fob will keep your keys secure and easily accessible. The shallow pouch on the front is a nice place to put your sunglasses, bug spray, or a small pack of tissue.

One minor quirk this bag has is that there isn’t a changing pad included. Not much of a surprise considering its price tag. You just need to pack a couple of receiving blankets to act as makeshift changing pad.

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Phew, that’s it for our extensive collection of 30+ best diaper bags under $50. As you can see, you have plenty of option when it comes to cheap diaper bags. However, you should remember that it is in your best interests to pick one that will match your own specific needs. For instance, if going light is your priority then you should get a smaller bag or the 5-in-1 bag like the one from Mom Miya. If extra large space if what you after then the Laiya diaper bag should be on your short list.