Introduction to Diaper Bags

diaper bagWhen you have a baby or two, even a simple stroll to the park requires meticulous preparations. At home, everything your baby needs is within arm’s reach. Out in the park, you need to carry a diaper bag or a nappy bag with everything your baby might need.

A diaper bag isn’t only for carrying diapers. It should hold every necessity that will make it convenient for mommies and daddies to change diapers, feed, clean, and make their babies comfortable. Finding the best diaper bag is crucial to make your outdoor activities with your baby more enjoyable.

So, which bag should you buy?

To answer this question, we have compiled the most comprehensive baby diaper bag guide to address every important issue that you should put into consideration before you make the purchase.

Curious?  Read on!

Different Types of Diaper Bags

Diaper bags come in various types, but the most common ones are tote, messenger, backpack, convertible, stroller, and mini diaper bags.

Handbags / Tote / Purse diaper bags

tote diaper bagTote diaper bags look just like an oversized purse. It has two large handles that you can grab to carry it like a regular handbag or sling over your shoulder if it’s long enough. Tote is the most common and popular type of nappy bag. Finding one that will fit your style will not be a problem.

The biggest advantage of a purse baby bag is the storage space. Totes are spacious. It’s easy to put a day’s worth of baby necessities in it. They also have wide openings, which make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for in a rush.

Unfortunately, the spacious nature of handbag diaper bag is both an advantage and disadvantage. It can hold plenty of baby gears, but it can quickly become an unorganized mess under the essentials because too many things are stuffed in the middle of the bag. The size also lures you to cram more and more stuff because “it still fits”.

Some moms dislike tote diaper bags because these bags keep their arms occupied. There are many occasions where you need both arms, like taking your baby out of the stroller, for example. You also need to put the bag down before you can grab anything from the inside pockets.  Carrying a heavy tote bag for a while also take a toll on your arms. For an all-day outdoor activity, this bag may not be the best choice.

Messenger diaper bags

messenger diaper bagsWith long shoulder belt, messenger/crossbody diaper bags let you free both arms when you carry it diagonally across your chest. They’re slim, gender-neutral, and casual. Messenger bags aren’t as spacious as tote bags, but they share similar wide openings that make it easy to grab a diaper, bottle, or anything else you may need. Unlike totes, however, you won’t need to put the bag down to grab anything. Whip it around to the front and you can access whichever pocket you want.

The problem with a messenger diaper bag is you often need to shift the strap to your other shoulder. A single strap put the stress on one side of your body, and may lead to back and shoulder fatigue. This is especially true for “preppers” who feel it’s necessary to bring an extra of everything and end up with 60 pounds of baby stuff in the bag.

That’s an exaggeration, but you know what we’re trying to illustrate, right?

Messenger bag also tend to get in the way when you are bending to pick something up. The bag may get dirty when touching the ground or wet when it had been raining. It also makes it awkward when you carry your baby in a sling. Imagine your baby is sitting on your right hip, bag on the left, then your right arm gets tired, and you need to juggle your baby to the left and the bag to the right. You get the picture.

Messenger bag is fine when you take your baby in a stroller, especially when someone else is pushing it.

Backpack diaper bags

backpack diaper bagA backpack diaper bag looks like a regular backpack but with extra pockets and storage. The two straps distribute the weight equally on your shoulders making it comfortable to carry for an extended period of time. With the weight evenly distributed between both shoulders, you are less prone to back pain when carrying it.

With a backpack, both of your arms are free, so you can get on with your day and forget about the backpack. For baby wearers, the backpack is a perfect choice. You can put your baby in the baby carrier in the front, bag on your back, and you still get both hands free to do take pictures, pick stuff up, and much more.

Backpacks are popular among dads who would rather be shot than being seen carrying a tote bag. The design rarely shows that it’s filled with your baby’s goodies. Out of all nappy bag types, this one won’t compromise their manliness.

Backpack diaper bags are designed not to be bulky, so storage space is more limited compared to totes. Another disadvantage of backpacks is that they’re deep and if what you need is at the bottom you will need to dig through all other stuff on top of it first. Similar to a tote diaper bag, you also need to put it down to get access to the interior. It still applies even when your husband is the one carrying the bag. You can easily access the front and side pockets, but for the ones in the main storage area, well, good luck getting what you want without him having to bend his knees so you can look inside the bag.

Convertible diaper bags

convertible diaper bagPerfect for indecisive parents. Convertible diaper bags can transform into a tote, messenger, or backpack diaper bags. The fully convertible nappy bags can change into all three types, but some can only transform into two out of three. The most common ones look like ordinary tote bags. As mentioned before, tote diaper bags can be cumbersome to hold all the time, and you need to put it down to access the interior. To solve these problems, convertible tote bags come with a detachable long strap so you can carry them more comfortably across your chest like messenger bags when you feel like it.

It may take one or two weeks for you to settle on a style that you love and by then you may ask, “Should we keep using this?”

Well, if you don’t have the budget to get a new bag you should keep it. However, once you know which type you like, it’s better to get a non-convertible diaper bag of that type. It takes many compromises to make convertible bags usable to a certain degree. For instance,  the strap may be too thin and not comfortable when you use it as a messenger bag. Can you live with these compromises for months or years to come? If you find yourself liking the bag in messenger mode then get a real messenger diaper bag and use the convertible one as an emergency bag that you keep in the car, just in case you’ll need it.

Stroller diaper bags

stroller diaper bagA stroller usually has this huge compartment at the bottom. That’s where you’re supposed to put a bag, groceries, or any big items you carry. A stroller diaper bag, however, does not belong there. You hang the bag from the stroller’s handles.

Yes, there’s always a risk of the stroller tipping backward if the bag is too heavy. It doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. It only means you need to learn how much the bag should weigh so it won’t cause the stroller to tip backward.

The maximum weight that the diaper bag can safely carry varies depending on several factors; the weight of the stroller, the weight of your child, and the weight of the things you put under the stroller. The stroller can be considered as a lever with these three acting as weights, the stroller’s rear wheels as the pivot, and the diaper bag as the counter weights. Seating position matters too. When the seat is upright, your child acts as a weight but in reclined position your child acts as both the weight and the counterweight.

If you buy a stroller diaper bag, it will be a good idea to test just how easy the stroller will tip backward with the seat reclined fully. Do it at home before you’re heading out. If the bag causes the stroller to be back-heavy, take some stuff out of the bag and put them under the stroller.

From time to time, people will point out how dangerous it is to hang a bag on the handles. Don’t be defensive. Say, “Thank You,” check if you haven’t added too much weight into the bag, and proceed with your day.

Stroller diaper bags usually fit any full-size baby strollers, regardless of whether they have one long handlebar or two separate handlebars. These bags don’t fit double strollers where the two handlebars are spaced too far apart. If you have one of these strollers, then you should get a different type of nappy bag.

Mini diaper bags

mini diaper bagA mini diaper bag is just a small handbag that fits some basic baby essentials for a quick outing and short trips. It may fit two diapers, a small pack of baby wipes, folded-up plastic bag, and that’s it. No pockets for pacifier, bottle, or anything. When folded out, this small bag can be used as a changing pad.

Due to its mini size, a small diaper bag is usually considered a go-to bag. You can keep to keep the full-size baby bag in your car as a backup and take the mini bag when you’re running quick errands.


What to look for when buying a diaper bag

Storage and ease of use

diaper bagA good diaper bag must be spacious and have a good amount of pockets to help you organize the stuff that you bring. Pockets are non-negotiable. They are crucial to getting things organized. You can set one pocket for the toys, one for milk, one for keeping mommy’s belongings, one for the first aid kit, and so on.

There is such a thing as too many pockets, though. When the interior of the bag is lined with 20 pockets, you end up with ridiculously small space left in the middle hardly enough to put spare clothes for your baby. Pockets should be organized in a matter that improves practicality instead of hinders it. There should be a balance between interior and exterior pockets. Not everything should be put inside the bag. Things like baby tissues and water bottles are often needed, and you don’t want the hassle of opening the bag just to get them.

As for how much storage space is ideal, well, that’s relative. If you’re planning to spend hours outdoor, then you obviously going to need a lot but for a quick trip to a mall then a small bag will do just fine.

Now, let’s talk more about ease of use. Do you know the major difference between a tote bag and a backpack? A tote diaper bag is shallower than a diaper backpack, so finding stuff in the tote bag is easier. Messenger bags are similar to totes in this issue. Does it matter? Yeah, most of the times, it does.

To help with usability and practicality some bags divide their large center space into smaller compartments. It improves tidiness and order.

Ease of use also includes ease of cleaning. Some bags are fit for spot cleaning only, while others can be turned inside out and thrown into the washer. Easy cleaning is very important since spills are practically inevitable. This applies to the changing pad too. You will have accidents when changing diapers and you will need to clean the pad many times more than you need to clean the whole bag.
Last but not least is the color of the interior. It has been proven that bright-colored interior helps you identify the objects in the bag easier. It doesn’t matter how great or expensive the material is. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in seconds, then it’s not a good bag to have.


Many diaper bags use cotton canvas material, which is fine for daily use. Some bags use Nylon for outer fabric with polyester lining and some use 100% polyester fabric for its colorfast ability and durability. More expensive bags use faux leather or even real leather to entice fashion-conscious women into buying them. By far, canvas is the most widely used because it’s durable. However, since it’s not waterproof, polyester lining is often used for the interior. The lining makes it easy to wipe the interior clean from milk spills, or snack left over. You can also get bags with an antimicrobial lining that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The material used for closures matters too. Zippers, magnetic clasp, and Velcro are the three types of closure you see in diaper bags. Zippers are the best material for closures. They’re silent and easy to use single-handedly. Magnetic clasps come second. While they can fasten strongly, the design of the bag can affect how good it is in daily situations. Magnetic clasp uses two strong magnets where one is attached to a flap. When the magnet is sewn in too close to the end of the flap, it’s hard to split the two magnets apart. Moreover, if the magnets are too strong, the material won’t hold up and rip after several months.

Warning! Magnetized cards such as hotel room key cards, theme park cards, or subway cards are susceptible to strong magnetic field. Your cell phone may not like being near strong magnets too. If you are buying a baby bag with magnetic clasp closures, place those things in the farthest pocket from the magnets. To be safer, put the cards in your wallet and the phone in your pocket.

Velcro is notoriously loud, and people say it’s a bad thing because the sound can wake your baby up. We, however, have a different opinion. Everything is louder than Velcro when you take your baby outdoor. There are also very few examples of when you need your diaper bag when the baby is asleep. The loudness of Velcro is not a problem.

The real problem with Velcro is that it sticks to fabrics and ruin them. Before you know it, it’s covered in lint from the fabric, and you have to clean it because it no longer wants to stick to anything. Velcro hates machine wash too. It will wear out significantly after each wash.


In the comfort department, diaper backpack wins over messenger and purse diaper bag. The two straps that distribute the weight of the bag evenly make it comfortable for anyone who needs to carry it all day long.  Sadly, this does not apply to people with very broad shoulders. Many parents didn’t realize it, but a comfortable baby bag depends greatly on their body type. Petite moms and huge bags don’t mix well neither do huge dads with small backpacks. 

The quality of straps affects comfort too. For messenger and backpack diaper bag, wide straps with thick padding can improve comfort tremendously. The width and padding prevent the straps from digging into your shoulders. Realistically, you still need to limit the weight of the diaper bag. A super comfortable backpack with 30 pounds of baby stuff in it stops being comfortable after a couple of hours.

That said, the type with the highest level of comfort is the stroller diaper bag. Why? Because you hang it on the stroller. You couldn’t care less about padding when the thing is not hanging on your body.

Quality & cost

“You get what you paid for.”

That’s something you’ve heard over and over again when the cheap stuff you buy broke after a short while. That may be true in most cases, but when you want the best diaper bag, it doesn’t mean you should get the most expensive one your wallet can afford.

The most important thing is that the bag can take daily abuse both on the road and in the washer. The material, accessories, stitching, zippers, latches, and hardware should be able to take a beating. A decent baby bag that can last you a year or two usually costs $40 and up. When the price is too low, manufacturers need to cut corners. There will be some compromises in material quality and size. Loose stitches, zippers that stuck or break after three uses, the built-in changing pad that’s too small to be useful, and the bags falling apart in a week are common issues for bags in this price range.

There are literally, not figuratively, thousands of diaper bags that cost less than $40. Buying one of them is like playing the lottery. There’s a small chance you’ll be lucky but most of the times it’s your lost. Look for bags in the $40-$100 range. There are tons to choose from, and it’s easier to find a good bag. In this price-range, manufacturers can produce quality bags while still making decent profits, so they don’t need to skimp on materials, hardware, and features.

Bags north of $100 are basically fashion statements.  Unless you’re the type of people who put fashion before function, these bags may not be the best choice. Consider these cheap diaper bags under $50 if budget is the problem.

It’s a whole different story when your long lost uncle just inherited you a billion dollars. When that happens, feel free to splurge on a designer diaper bag so expensive no mommies in your neighborhood can hope to compete.

Style & sizes

Many women refuse to give up on style just because they have to carry all those baby gears. Manufacturers’ responses to this were to make as many stylish diaper bags as they can.  You can see them for yourself; striped, plaid, gingham, polka dots, moire, bordered, print, paisley, floral, solid, patchwork, geometric,  quilted leather diaper bags that look like designers handbags, and much more. They’re great for moms on the go, but what about the dads?

Fashionable diaper bags don’t always sit well with daddies. Of course, some dads will carry cute diaper bags with pride while others put paper bags over their heads in shame. Dads want daddy diaper bags that won’t compromise their manliness. Camo diaper bags that scream “Tactical” are quite popular among men. Anyway, what’s cool for mommy may not be so for daddy and vice versa. Talk it out. Once both of you find something that you both like, go for it. Whether you both want something stylish or casual, as long as you both agree on it, is A-okay. Or is it?

We haven’t talked about the baby at all here. Diaper bags for boys and diaper bags for girls are generally differentiated by colors and the level of cuteness. If you’re buying a baby bag as a gift and you don’t know the gender of the baby, you should get a unisex diaper bag. It will be awkward if you buy a Minnie Mouse diaper bag for a baby boy.
Now, deciding on the right size can be problematic too. You need a large diaper bag for a day-long outdoor activity or a trip to grandma’s house or because you have two kids. Big nappy bags, however, are heavy enough even without anything in it. They can be cumbersome to lug around all day too. Small bags are great for a quick trip to the grocery store or the mall, but they can’t carry much. So you see, each has their own pros and cons. When in doubt, just go for a moderately large bag.

Features & Accessories

Additional features can make or break a good diaper bag. Out of the countless numbers of features, we have listed the important ones for you

  • Wet bag.
    Wet bags are useful to keep used burp cloth, dirty clothes, soiled diaper cloth, and any gross stuff that you don’t want to touch the inside of the bag.
  • Changing pad.
    A true diaper bag must have a changing pad, either built-in or included. Diapers will be soiled and having a changing pad ready means you can put your baby on a clean surface while changing his diaper. A good changing pad should be big enough for your baby yet small enough when folded so it won’t eat up too much valuable space in the bag. Generous padding is also required to ensure your baby can lie down comfortably on it. In addition, since we’re dealing with poop here, an easy-to-wipe material is a must.
  • Baby wipe dispenser pocket
    It makes it easy to pull a sheet or two without rummaging your bag, tumbling the stuff you’ve piled so tidily before.
  • Zippered compartment.
    It keeps things in place when you drop the bag. This is where you’ll be putting your wallet, phone, and keys. The last thing you want to do is take out every diaper, clothes, and bottles out to find your phone when it’s ringing.
  • Stroller clips
    Stroller clips let you hang the diaper bag onto the stroller’s handles. It’s convenient because everything is easier to reach and you carry less weight too.
  • Metal feet.
    The feet keeps the bag off the ground when you put it down, so it doesn’t get dirty or scratched easily. The feet also helps the bag to stand on its own and doesn’t flop over.
  • Insulated pouch/pocket to keep a milk bottle which already has warm formula in it. This kind of pouch keeps the milk at optimal temperatures. Saves you the hassle of bringing an insulated lunch box.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
    Eco-friendly materials are the rave these days. Eco-friendly is not only good for the environment but also your baby and yourself. Get a bag made of BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free material. No parents should keep their baby gears inside a bag lined with nasty chemicals.
  • Washer safe
    A machine-washable diaper bag is a blessing. Who has the time to hand wash a dirty baby bag after a long day in the park, right? This kind of bag is hard to come by, and those that are washer safe require you to set the machine on delicate only.

Now, the question is, do you need all the features listed above? It’s going to be incredibly hard finding a bag with all those features included. It’s easier for you to set a priority list and pick which features you need the most.


Despite your best effort to find the best diaper bag, there’s always that slight chance you’ll end up with a lemon when Lady Luck is looking the other way. Broken zippers, unsewn seams, and missing parts are just some example of defects you’ll encounter. It’s not a sign of negligence. Manufacturers can have several layers of quality control, but once in a while, some defective products will just slip through. Both hand-made and machine-made bags can have minor imperfections, and that is the reason why warranty exists in the first place.

In reality, some brands just make it so easy for you to return and exchange a faulty bag with a new one while others will make you go through hell for it. You should always check the manufacturer’s and seller’s warranty information before you make a purchase. Stick to reputable brands whether you’re buying offline or online. These brands stand up behind their products, and they have plenty to lose if they ignore your complaints.

Whenever possible, look for bags with a lifetime warranty. Yes, those bags exist, and some manufacturers do offer that outrageous warranty on their bags. The manufacturers will first try to fix the defect, and when that is no longer possible, they will send you a replacement. Please note that such warranty does not usually apply to normal wear and tear. Even more so when you abuse the bag and use it for other than its intended use. Moreover, when you send your bag to be fixed or replaced, please clean it to the best of your abilities. Some people just sent their faulty bags as they were; ignoring the fact that the bags were dirty, soiled, or reeked of spoiled milk. Don’t be like them.

Diaper Bag FAQs

Do I even need a diaper bag?

If your child is still dependent on diapers and milk bottles, then yes, you do need a diaper bag. If your child is already a toddler, a regular backpack will do just fine. Many parents also use regular backpacks as diaper bags when they can’t yet decide which baby bag they really want or need.

If you already have a maternity bag, you may be tempted to use that as a baby bag, but we must advise against it. That thing is way too big. The sheer size makes maternity bag more like an extra-large diaper bag. That’s not a surprise because it’s made to hold your stuff instead of your baby’s.

What are the advantages of diaper bags?

Plenty of pockets, more than an ordinary bag has. The pockets make organizing baby necessities simpler. The interior of diaper bags is usually waterproofed and easy to wipe clean. When you have a baby, things get dirty and messy easily. With an ordinary bag, any milk spill will seep into the material and soon develop that nasty spoiled milk smell. Juice spills aren’t any better too. They don’t stink, but they can leave stains that are hard to remove.

What do I have to pack in a diaper bag?

The following is a complete list of diaper bag essentials that should help you pack the most important stuff that you need to carry. However, it’s best to treat this list is merely a guideline. What you should bring and how many depends on how long are the outing will be. Will it take an hour or all day long?

  1. Diaper and Baby wipes
    We put those two together because they’re inseparable. How on earth are you supposed to change a dirty diaper without wipes in hand? Bring more baby wipes than you think you’ll need. You will find yourself using them for many things like cleaning up spills, cleaning your child’s face, cleaning your hands, and cleaning a chair or table in the restaurant. Remember, when you pack, always keep the diapers and baby wipes on top of everything. These are the most important things, and you should have easy access to both at all times. If the bag comes with a dispenser pocket for wipes, use When pukes and spit up happens, you can handle the situation quickly.
  2. Diaper rash cream. Carry this only when you’re baby is prone to diaper rash.
  3. Changing pad. You don’t always have the luxury of having a public bathroom nearby. Even when you do, it is not always clean enough.
  4. Spare clothes for the baby.
  5. An extra shirt for yourself and hubby. Puke projectiles and leaky diapers are too real. Baby wipes can only do so much to reduce the smell. Do you really want to spend the rest of the day walking around in a smelly outfit? Yeah, I don’t think so too.
  6. Milk bottles and pacifier. Fill the bottles with one serving of formula in each (no water). Do this even when you’re breastfeeding. You never knew when there’s an emergency and need to leave junior with daddy for a while.
  7. Breast pump if you prefer to breastfeed exclusively.
  8. Breast pads.
  9. Tissues.
  10. Sippy cup if your child no longer drinks milk from a bottle.
  11. Baby food, bowl, and spoon.
  12. Water bottle(s) to keep you hydrated, rinse bottles, clean the baby, etc.
  13. Snacks.
  14. Toys or teethers if your baby is teething.
  15. Sunscreen.
  16. Hand sanitizer. This is for you, not your baby.
  17. Four or five sacks/Ziploc bags with slider zippers/used plastic shopping bags/freezer bags, folded to save space. You need a waterproof container to put soiled diapers and other trash before you throw them into a trash can. Plastic is the best choice because it can contain the smell of poop. Plastic bags are also useful to put wet bathing suits when you take the baby to the pool.
  18. A piece of muslin blanket. It’s versatile and can be used as nursing cover, burp cloth, stroller shade, and blanket.
  19. Unless it’s summer, pack an extra blanket just in case it gets colder out there than you had expected.
  20. Extra cash. It’s always a good habit to bring extra cash with you. Put $30 or $40 in there in small denominations.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take it easy.  Prepping a diaper bag takes practice. You will often forget one thing or another, but after a while, it will be second nature to you. Don’t pull your hairs if you forgot to bring one or two. Chances are, you’ll be able to buy them at the nearest baby store.

If you’re afraid of forgetting the essentials, try sticking that list on the door so you can easily double check the bag before going out. You can also ask other people to check the list while you’re busy getting ready with the baby.

Over time, you’ll know what your baby really needs, and you can change what you need to carry accordingly. Some kids don’t need much. With a toddler, you may only need one diaper, skip the changing pad, pacifier, and muslin blanket altogether.

To keep the size and weight of the diaper bag manageable, keep an emergency bag with extra clothes, diapers, and all in the car. Now, you only need a small bag to carry the bare necessities.

I have two kids. What is the best diaper bag for me?

When you have twins or two small children who still depend on diapers, a large-size backpack diaper bag will be a good option. Put more emphasis on large-size. With two kids, you will need to carry much more. If you have one baby and one toddler, you may opt for two separate bags. A regular baby bag for the little one and a small backpack for big bro/sis. It’s more practical this way because you know which bag contain whose trinkets.

Why do I need a diaper bag if I can put everything in the stroller?

Because it is convenient. There are times where bringing a stroller is more trouble than it’s worth.  Imagine you’re going to a carnival. Navigating a stroller through thick crowds is cumbersome. You will bump people all the time. It’s easier to leave the stroller in a car and then carry the baby along with the diaper bag.

How do I clean my diaper bag?

Wiping it clean with a damp towel with mild detergent is your best bet. Dish soap works well for greasier dirt that won’t disappear with regular detergent. Spot cleaning is what most manufacturers will suggest. The majority of diaper bags in the market won’t stand to machine washing. For some bags, machine washing can even void the warranty. Check out the small leaflet that comes with your bag. Unless it literally says the bag is machine-washable, never put the bag in the washer. And when we say washer we mean the dryer too. Air-drying your bag is the safest route to go.

Can I take my diaper bag on a plane?

Yes, you can take it on a plane as a carry-on.  A diaper backpack or messenger baby bag is preferable for this, especially if you’re traveling alone with your baby. It keeps your hands free so you can carry your child more comfortably. Remember to pack only the bare necessities so it will fit the overhead compartment while taking into account the duration of the flight. Be sure to call your airline to know what changing facilities they have on board so you can pack accordingly. A reasonable quantity of liquids such as breast milk, formula, juice, and medicine can still be carried on.

Diaper Bag Top brands

  • Coach
    By nurturing authenticity, relevance, and innovation for the past 75 years, Coach becomes a name synonymous with the blend of distinctive New York spirit and classic American style. As a leading brand in handbag and accessories, Coach diaper bag offers the same high quality and innovation as the rest of Coach handbag line.
  • Skip Hop
    The year 2003 marked Skip Hop’s debut as a lifestyle brand for parents and their little ones. It started with the Duo Diaper Bag and today Skip Hop is a global brand for diaper bags, baby gym & toys, baby & toddler apparel, and more. The balance of functionality and modern design sets Skip Hop diaper bag apart from other brands.
  • Kate Spade
    Crisp colors, playful sophistication, and graphic prints mark Kate Spade bags and clothes. Ever since their first store opened in New York in 1996, Kate Spade’s colorful choice of baby gears, eyewear, stationery, bedding, shoes, fragrance, and jewelry has caught the attention of stylish moms. If living colorfully is your way of living then Kate Spade is your match.
  • Michael Kors
    Michael Kors diaper bags are classified as chic, luxurious, and fashionable. The bags are as functional as they are a fashion It’s not just the bags. Everything about Michael Kors the apparel and accessories scream modern, iconic, indulgent, and sophisticated.
  • Vera Bradley
    For moms on the go who want things well-organized, Vera Bradley offers practical diaper bags for carrying all of their baby gears. Founded in 1982 by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, this company now has a wide assortment of accessories, luggage, eyeglasses, and jewelry.
  • Marc Jacobs
    For over two decades Marc Jacobs has been creating highly fashionable and quality clothing for men and women. The same concepts and principles are carried to the baby bags. If your dream is to carry a chic bag to carry your baby’s necessities, then Marc Jacobs has something for you.
  • JJ Cole
    Utility and conveniMarc Jacobs has something for you.ionableen es, eyeglasses, and jewelries.ence are the two core principles of JJ Cole baby and toddler products. They mix those principles together with style and fashion to meet the needs of today’s fashionable parents. With ten different styles, you will certainly find one that suit your taste.
  • Ju-Ju-Be
    Always coming up with new styles and colors for their baby gears, Ju-Ju-Be is a brand loved by mommies (and daddies) around the world. Ju-Ju-Be has an active community dedicated to helping mommies like you with their daily struggle. They are like your extended family, sans the family dinners.
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom
    Petunia has six different types of baby bags that suit moms who wish to express Boxy Backpack, Pathway Pack, Downtown Tote, City Carryall, Sashay Satchel, and Wistful Weekender. Whether you want something spacious and lightweight, or something intuitive and playful, Petunia has them all.
  • Tory Burch
    In 2004, the Tory Burch collection of apparel, handbags, shoes, watches, and accessories was launched. This is a brand that combines sensibility and personal style. Nothing over the top with their baby bags collections.
  • Carter’s
    For generations, parents have trusted the Carter’s Their innovation and quality have won the hearts of parents as well as their babies. Cute and colorful print designs have the mark of Carter’s baby and toddler products. The high-quality materials and construction are Carter’s way of supporting your baby.
  • Kalencom
    Kalencom is a multi-faceted corporation with four divisions under its umbrella. Kalencom is based in New Orleans with manufacturing plants located in Mississippi and Asia. Their stylish yet functional bags are well-known among moms.
  • Eddie Bauer
    Parents who enjoy outdoor lifestyle also enjoy their Eddie Bauer diaper bags. Eddie Bauer covers your outdoorsy needs with their durable and high-quality bags. Their totes and backpacks are casual and not overly cutesy, so they are okay for dads to carry around.
  • Fisher Price
    This is a brand that parents will come across over and over again whenever they’re buying something for their children. They have such a wide array of baby and toddler essentials you’re bound to see one of their products in any household, especially their toys. They have been around since 1930 and, considering their ingenuity and quality, are likely to be around still for years to come.
  • Juicy Couture
    As a well-known brand from women’s clothing and handbags it’s only natural for Juicy Couture to expand to baby bags. Their glamorous LA style is complemented with the element of surprise. Style-savvy moms will love their fashionable Juicy Couture diaper bags.
  • Timi & Leslie
    Timi & Leslie is a relatively new company. They started out in 2000 with diaper bags aimed at moms who didn’t want to sacrifice style to get function. Timi & Leslie Baby bags are great quality, practical, and luxurious. Well-known celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie are some fans of Timi & Leslie.
  • Baby Boom
    Parenthood is a special experience, and Baby Boom understands that well. They design and manufacture their products with great attention to detail. Style, quality, fashion, and function are blended together to bring you the best a baby bag can offer.
  • Kipling
    With their handbags, backpacks, messengers, and totes, Kipling got you covered no matter what your carry style is. Kipling’s products are lightweight, long-lasting, and functional. Their fun and colorful designs give you a touch of personal style that last longer than mere trends.
  • Lassig
    In German, Lassig means casual. However, Lassig products are not just casual, they’re also beautiful, functional, fun, and make your life easier. With many awards to support their achievements in sustainability, quality and design, Lassig products are perfect for parents who want to live leisurely along with their kids.
  • OiOi
    Lisa Bennets is a handbag designer who birthed OiOi. Her quest to design a baby bag that would fit baby paraphernalia while also reflects the mother’s style. Dads can also cherish the fact that OiOi has rugged and stylish baby bags for daddies that they can carry comfortably.
  • Graco
    When parents hear the name Graco, they immediately associate it with the Travel System. Graco is so much more than that, though. They have every product your baby will need from swings, strollers, highchairs, playards, and all kinds of nursery products.
  • Lug
    What started as a chance meeting in a trade show in Las Vegas has continued to this day and grown into a brand that gives you smart and stylish solutions to active daily living. The Lug team pride themselves in coming up with fresh ideas for parents like you who are always on the go.
  • Babymel
    Babymel brand was created back in 2006. It’s defined as bold and youthful with a twist. Babymel’s baby bags are not only about design. They are thoughtfully packed with functional features such as wipe clean coated finish, insulated bottle pockets, and lots of concealed compartments.
  • Disney
    Want a baby bag with Disney characters on it? Well, Disney got your back. They have a variety of bags with cute characters such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse. With a roomy interior and plenty of external pockets, these bags are functional too.
  • Hello Kitty
    Is it a cat or is it a little girl? Who cares?! Hello Kitty designs are cute whether you put them on clothes or bags. Granted, most dads aren’t overly fond of the design, so this brand caters more towards moms and their little daughters.
  • Mud Pie
    Marcia Miller founded Mud Pie in 1988. Their specialty is affordable and innovative gifts. This Georgia-based company has three divisions, and Mud Pie Baby is the division that handles everything related with
  • Storksak
    Storksak baby changing bags are designed for moms by moms. Suzi Bergman and Melanie Marshall are the two moms who started Storksak in 2003. Their bags are made to last years, long after your babies past their diaper stage. It’s no wonder many parents rely on and trust the Storksak brand.
  • Trend Lab
    Trend Lab has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering quality products since 2001. While they are well-known for their bedding, gifts, and décor, their diaper bags are far from shabby. When form meets function, you get diaper bags that keep everything organized while you’re on the go.
  • Okiedog
    As a German brand, Okiedog is doing really well internationally. Why wouldn’t they? Okiedog does make some excellent baby products that go well and beyond. Who else thought about putting reflective stripes on the front of their baby bags?
  • Obersee
    Loaded with useful features, Obersee’s cool and trendy diaper bags go well with fun-spirited moms and dads. Their products are made to let you enjoy outdoor adventures with your family. Cool, stylish, and functional are what their baby products all about.


New parents tend to pick the biggest diaper bag they can get their hands on. While a large bag can hold every little thing you need, in most cases you will dread having to carry it when you’re going out. You’ll hate the bag, even more, when you realize that you barely use most of the things you pack in there.

Keep it moderate. Get a large enough bag that’s comfortable to carry and use it to best of its abilities. As long as it has most of the features that you need and you like the style, you will be fine.  Should you need for a bigger one, don’t immediately jump and buy another bag of the same size. Get a smaller one. Over time, you’ll realize that you don’t need to bring everything in the nursery with you. Take the small one with you and leave the bigger one in the car. An outdoor adventure with your baby will be less tiresome that way.